A Reflection of Health

3 12 2008

Hello to old friends and new.  I’ve been absent from the blog for a few months because when God has His hand on my life like He has, everything else falls away.  Since I last posted I went thru 2 rounds of meds for clinical depression.  I am just amazed looking back at how much my life has changed.  I often feel like Neo in the Matrix when he gets uplugged from that pod the Matrix keeps them in.  Reborn.  Looking at the world with fresh eyes and finally seeing things that were right in front of me the whole time.  I’ve been getting to know myself all over again.  Alot of my insecurities have fallen away and revealed more confidence than I ever knew I possessed.  I’m not completely healed yet but I’m getting there.  The only difference now is the method I’m using to get there.  Part of my recovery has included totally changing my diet to whole, natural foods.  Organic when I can afford it but never anything with chemicals or preservatives or refined sugars.  This has almost completely obliterated my migraine headaches.  I’ve also changed the way I think about medicines and health care in general.  I’ve become alot more aware of how our minds, bodies and spirits are truly interwoven.  You cannot do something to affect one without affecting the whole.  Since I’ve started to deal with my deepest heart issues, I’m seeing directly related changes in my body.  I am completely off of all pharmaceuticals now.  I am convinced that there is a better way.  I’ve been learning more about using only prayer, therapeutic grade essential oils, nutrition and reflexology to cure what ails.  It’s more about the healing than the treatment.  God is opening my eyes to things I’ve just accepted in myself over time and showing me that life doesn’t have to be that way.  Many physical conditions are a manifestation of your level of spiritual health.  God wants to heal people and they have absolutely no idea the level of health our bodies can attain with His touch and wisdom.

Whew…. more later.