To KAL or Not to KAL?

15 06 2008

One of the great things about Ravelry is finding out about all of the KALs, or Knit-alongs for different projects. The mystery shawl KALs seem to attract alot of knitters and I was curious as to why they are so popular so I joined one. I was able to trade with another Raveler for 2 skeins of beautiful hand-dyed laceweight merino yarn.

Then I got involved with the discussions within the group created for the KAL and was easily convinced that like several others I would add beads to my shawl. So after waiting till there was extra cash for beads, finding just the right ones and ordering them, they arrived several days before the KAL was due to start.

(sorry the pic is grainy, these were hard to photograph!)

At this point I had the yarn, balled it, had the beads, had the needles, I was ready and excited to cast on. Then the designer decided to release the first portion of the pattern or clue as it is referred to as, a day early! YEAH!! Obviously I cast on right away, and actually finished the first clue in very little time. But……..

I didn’t like it. Now for this shawl we had the benefit of having several different lace charts to choose from so I could have ripped it out and tried the other 3 charts before making a decision. But the truth was staring me in the face. I loved my yarn, I loved my beads, they went perfectly together. The yarn looked fine in the pattern but not the beads. I could knit the shawl without the beads but then to me the yarn would be missing something. I immediately knew this yarn and these beads had a specific destiny unrelated to this KAL.

So to me the next issue was, would I find another yarn and continue with the KAL? I debated the issue for about 30 minutes but decided to wait. My heart was already wrapped up in knitting this yarn with these beads. I still want to knit the mystery shawl from the KAL but right now I’m starting this one. I can’t help it, I’m in love.

Yarn: 1,760 yds of hand-dyed Merino laceweight wool

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl

Needles: Crystal Palace 24 in. Bamboo Circulars

Beads: almost 2000 japanese glass seed beads from


A Fresh New Look

10 06 2008

A little more behind the scenes editing and the blog will be fully refurbished.  How’s it look?  I’d love to hear your opinions.  🙂

I have a finished project to show you!  Some of you may have already seen it on my Ravelry project page but for those of you yet to go sign up, here’s the scoop.

Swallotail Shawl (free pdf download) designed by Evelyn A. Clark

Alpaca Cloud laceweight baby alpaca yarn in the Tidepool colorway.  (can be purchased at KnitPicks)

Size 4 Crystal Palace Bamboo 24 inch circular needles

One month of the most enjoyable knitting ever

I wore it to my brother’s wedding during the reception and got soooo many compliments on it!  I loved this project and can definitely see a few more Swallowtails in my future.    Now I have 4 more lace projects cast on and am enjoying every single stitch.  More on those when there is something to see.

Oh, and that major announcement?  It’s only about a week away.  I can hardly sleep!

Okay so what do you want first?

31 01 2008

The knitting, the spinning, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, our anniversary trip, my big announcement or all of the above? . . . . we’ll start with the knitting.

I knit alot of small projects over the whole holiday season. Several were gifted without pictures taken first so you may get to see them in the future or maybe not. The ones I do have pics of I’m planning on sharing over the course of several posts. Here’s one I’m very proud of, my first stranded colorwork project.


This is Teddy’s winter hat and oh my gosh the lining makes it warm! I had a blast knitting this and loved that it worked up in only one day.

I also knit some very colorful Celebration Mitts for Trinity. I spun up some brightly dyed Shetland wool from my favorite fiber pusher and navajo-plied it into a round, fat & squishy aran weight. They are tightly knit and wind-proof.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the beret I knit to match these, and the one I knit for myself.

Spinning pics will be posted tomorrow too. You can probably gather from my long absence that I’ve been busy. That would be the truth. Between school activities, cub scouts and wedding planning I need a break. I’ve got so much going on it’s almost impossible to keep it all straight in my head. But I do remember the news I just have to tell you today.

I’m going back to school! . . . . and I love school. Starting in the fall with only 2 classes I’ll be working my way up slowly till I’m carrying a full load. However as great as this is, it’s not the going back to college that is exciting. It’s my major that makes my heart race. I’ll be studying Fashion Design, Production & Marketing! I’m finally following the dreams I had when I graduated from high school. So yeah, that’s my big announcement. And Amanda, there’s much more to come where that came from. 😉

‘Tis the season to knit

27 10 2007

Sweaters!!  Can you believe it?  I’m actually posting again and I have pictures!

First the knitting:

For my son I’m knitting the Accordion pattern from  He wanted stripes on the sleeves so striped they are.  We’ll also be adding a hood instead of a collar.  I’m using a combination of yarns, the dark brown is Patons Classic Merino and all the other fall colors are Vanna’s Choice by Lionbrand.  As a confirmed yarn snob I surprised myself by not minding this yarn.  It’s not bad as far as acrylics go.  Anyway the body will get cast on this weekend.

Teddy's Accordion...the sleeves before finish work

For myself we have two sweater projects.  The Aran Accent Vest hasn’t seen much action lately but I’m still hoping to get it done in time for the holidays.  I’m really enjoying the process.

Aran Accent Vest..a

What has been getting the most of my attention lately is Mr. Greenjeans from the fall Knitty.   I went with some Patons Classic Merino on sale at $4 a ball in the Palais colorway.  It was zipping along till I got the cabled portion and now it’s lagging a bit.  But it will be completed very soon!

Mr. Greenjeans

I’ve also made myself a Calorimetry from some of my handspun.  I’m in love with this pattern and plan on making almost a dozen as gifts in the next few weeks.


I’ve worked on my lace scarf as well, it’s growing slowly but surely.  Wish I knew how long it’s going to be when blocked so I know when to stop!  I’m planning on making a pair of Wine & Roses Mitts (Interweave Knits) from the rest of the yarn.

Feather & Fan scarf half done

I found some yummy Patons Rumor to coordinate with the scarf and a short hour later, I had a new hat.  I’m still looking for a pretty vintage pin and some velvet ribbon to trim it up.

Rumor Cloche

I joined a KAL for wristwarmers and these are my first contribution.  I designed them but don’t really plan on writing out a pattern.  The hands are crocheted with a double strand of KnitPicks Gloss and the cuff with Patons SWS in Natural Plum.  Now I get to rip back the ribbed cuff on the second one to make it match the first one.




Soooooo, as you can see I’ve been very busy.  Next time I’ll share a sock story and share some of my new goodies with ya.  And vacation pics too!  Then…. Then comes the spinning. 🙂

Just a quick one!

18 08 2007

Hi everybody!

I’ve been absent from my blog for multiple perfectly good reasons. School started yesterday for my family for the very first time. We went from being a homeschooling family to being a public school family. Everyone is very pleased with the change so far.   🙂 Hubby and I are working hard on our business and that takes time and concentration. The most irritating and valid reason though is that I’m covered with poison sumac. Apparently although I’m not allergic to poison ivy, sumac is another subject entirely. Not fun and I do not feel good.

On the fiber front I have not finished any projects while you weren’t looking but I did start another pair of socks for yours truly. Sockbug’s Lacy Scallops Sock in one of my new favorite yarns, Jojoland Melody. Pics will be forthcoming within a week. Also my sockapalooza package arrived! I’ll post that picture and details next time too.

I also want to breathe an audible sigh of relief that Lolly and Kris are okay. Thank you Lord! They were the first thing to cross my mind when I heard the reports of the earthquake in Peru on the news.

And I’m sorry but I’m not linking today, all I want to do is take more Benedryl and climb into a cool oatmeal bath!

Happy Birthday to Me!

2 07 2007

Today is my 31st birthday and I decided to buy myself a few presents.  As packages start to show up I’ll post them as birthday swag.  However I do want to go ahead and share one of my purchases with you.

Lolly is such an enabler! I’ve found my first project for fall, this yummy cabled vest from Patons. I’ve yet to knit an adult sized sweater but I’m thinking this could hold my attention since I don’t have to deal with sleeves. I’ve ordered Sierra Aran in the equally delicious Garnet colorway for it, as my first gift.

Hubby told me this morning that I’m finally getting my ipod nano from him and the kids!!!!  I’m soooooooooooo excited!!!!!  I want the green one! 🙂  It will be a huge motivator for me to get out there and get some exercise.   We will also be going to dinner with my family at the restaurant of my choice.   In lieu of parties for the adults in our family we either have a cookout or we let them choose the restaurant for all of us and then we all chip in to pay for their dinner.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today.  Sorry I don’t have pic’s for you but I did see something I want to share.  It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait for the pattern to be available!!

Have a great day!  I know I plan to.  😉

A pattern has been chosen!

6 06 2007

Thank you all for chiming in with your votes!! Bayerische came in first, Baudelaire second, Poseidon third and Pembrokeshire fourth. After studying the patterns a little more in depth and agreeing with SB about the likelyhood of Bayerische ridding me of my hair prematurely, I’ve decided to knit Baudelaire for my pal. I think it will be beautiful in the teal CTH and I’ve been craving both lace and cables so it’s a good fit. I still really like Poseidon and Pembrokeshire and have added them to my list of socks to knit for the Summer of Socks KAL starting later this month.

While trying to decide on the pattern for Sockapalooza 4, I’ve cast on another pair of Monkeys! They will be a thank-you gift for my sister-in-law Juliet. (turquoise, brown and pink were her wedding colors last fall)

She and my bro-in-law offered to take our munchkins for a few days so we can go kid-less camping for our anniversary later this month. We were planning to go up to Estes Park for the Wool Market and camp there but the funds for that trip didn’t come in like planned. I’m disappointed but it’s the time alone with hubby that makes it all better!

In other news:

Fabric has been chosen, ordered, and shipped for lining my Larger Than Life bag! I’ll show pics as soon as it gets here!

I’ve decided to be daring and try navajo plying my nightshade singles. (I could use your prayers on this one!) I really want these socks to be hardwearing so it’s gotta be a 3-ply.  I’ve ordered a Natural Coopworth Sampler from Spunky Eclectic so I can spin up a solid yarn in the same fiber for the toes, heels and maybe the cuffs.

Hubby and I have decided to have a portrait done of the two of us for our anniversary! So I’ve pulled out my sewing machine to make a new dress for the occasion. Here is my fabric and the pattern. I’m planning on crocheting a filet strip to cover the trim on the dress and for the tie at the waist. The fabric behind it will be a slightly darker green I think. I’m going to try and start cutting out the pattern pieces today and iron the fabric I washed on the weekend.  Sorry the photo is a little dark.  I’ll try and get a better one once I get started sewing on it. 😉

I’ve been tagged with another meme by Bryony but this post is already long so I’ll save it for tomorrow. 😉