The trials of Summer 2008

21 08 2008

Wow, it’s been a hard summer so far and we still have a little over 4 weeks left to go.  I know I haven’t kept up with my blog since we moved but let me tell you . . . .

We did find a wonderful rental house; a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with 2 car garage.  No separate dye studio space granted, but a wonderfully large kitchen and dinning room that will work for now.   Our pretty new home gave us a nasty little present after we moved in, head lice; so we’ve also dealt with that lately!  Then the kids switched schools and my youngest started all-day kindergarten.

(side-note:  I had to go shoe shopping for my 9 year old daughter and she now wears a WOMEN’S SIZE 7!!!!  end side-note)

One of my largest hurdles has been my health.  My migraine headaches suddenly increased from 2-3 a month to almost constant pain along with several other symptoms.  A doctor’s appointment, an ambulance ride to the ER, and lots of tests later we still don’t have a concrete diagnoses but we’ve ruled out alot of nasty stuff.  We’re treating the migraines while I’m set to meet with a neurologist on the 3rd.  Turns out the meds I’m on for the migraines are also a mild anti-depressant which opens up another can of worms totally.  Not only are they working wonders for my pain, I haven’t felt this good in years.  Which of course made me curious enough to research clinical depression symptoms.  Turns out I’ve actually been ill, not just under the weather for the last flippin’ 15 years.

All of this and . . . . my online fiber shop opens tomorrow!!!




One response

21 08 2008

Hey you. 🙂

Sounds like you’ve had a busy summer! I cannot wait to see your shop. 🙂

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