The Tour de Fleece is coming!!

17 06 2008

It’s that time again folks! July 5th is race on, what will you be spinning? Last year was my first time participating in the self-motivated spin-along and I was still very much a newbie spinner. This year I’m much closer to acheiving the results I’m after so my goals are higher. I’ve spun laceweight now, but I need to loosen up on my plying, it’s still overplied and thus a little “hard” instead of drapey. So….

1) I will attempt high yardage laceweight that is balanced and drapey.

2) I will attempt your classic 3-ply fingering weight sock yarn.

3) I will attempt to improve my production time, spinning more in less time.

And then there’s my own little twist to the program. Hubby brought home my anniversary gift a little early. My first bike in years and years and years! I’m like a 6 year kid on Christmas morning!! After adjusting the handlebar height I was off to give it a spin around the block. Oh My. I forgot how free I feel while riding, it’s almost like flying. Now you have to understand here, not only do I deeply enjoy riding, it is extremely beneficial to me because I have problems losing weight by just altering my diet. Exercise that I enjoy is 80% of any weight loss for me.

So I will be working on my speed and even plying on one wheel and my distance on the other two. Hopefully by the end of the race I’ll be wearing the yellow jersey in more ways than one.




One response

18 06 2008

Oh my gosh! Your bike is the coolest bike I’ve seen in years! (I’ve been looking and drooling.) I’m like you – 80% of my weight loss comes from exercise and there is way too little of that in hot weather!

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