To KAL or Not to KAL?

15 06 2008

One of the great things about Ravelry is finding out about all of the KALs, or Knit-alongs for different projects. The mystery shawl KALs seem to attract alot of knitters and I was curious as to why they are so popular so I joined one. I was able to trade with another Raveler for 2 skeins of beautiful hand-dyed laceweight merino yarn.

Then I got involved with the discussions within the group created for the KAL and was easily convinced that like several others I would add beads to my shawl. So after waiting till there was extra cash for beads, finding just the right ones and ordering them, they arrived several days before the KAL was due to start.

(sorry the pic is grainy, these were hard to photograph!)

At this point I had the yarn, balled it, had the beads, had the needles, I was ready and excited to cast on. Then the designer decided to release the first portion of the pattern or clue as it is referred to as, a day early! YEAH!! Obviously I cast on right away, and actually finished the first clue in very little time. But……..

I didn’t like it. Now for this shawl we had the benefit of having several different lace charts to choose from so I could have ripped it out and tried the other 3 charts before making a decision. But the truth was staring me in the face. I loved my yarn, I loved my beads, they went perfectly together. The yarn looked fine in the pattern but not the beads. I could knit the shawl without the beads but then to me the yarn would be missing something. I immediately knew this yarn and these beads had a specific destiny unrelated to this KAL.

So to me the next issue was, would I find another yarn and continue with the KAL? I debated the issue for about 30 minutes but decided to wait. My heart was already wrapped up in knitting this yarn with these beads. I still want to knit the mystery shawl from the KAL but right now I’m starting this one. I can’t help it, I’m in love.

Yarn: 1,760 yds of hand-dyed Merino laceweight wool

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl

Needles: Crystal Palace 24 in. Bamboo Circulars

Beads: almost 2000 japanese glass seed beads from




5 responses

15 06 2008

Your beads and lace are lovely. I’m sorry that the particular KAL did not work out, but I look forward to seeing your progress on this lacework. 🙂

16 06 2008

Good decision. I think what you have there is a winner. I’ve always been a bit wary of Mystery KAL’s. Besides, there are too many patterns out there that I want to knit that keep me busy as it is.

16 06 2008

Oh, good choice. The pi shawl is lovely all ready.

22 06 2008

OOOH – LOVE the bead placement – they’ll be gorgeous in the increase rows like that!! Great idea!


25 06 2008
Dave Robertson

Nice stuff!

I found your blog because I work at a bead company (Rings & Things) and my wife knits…so I’m interested in beaded knitting… Thanks for blogging about this, it’s really informative!

at Rings and Things

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