Tap, tap…”Is this thing on?”

7 09 2007

Believe or not I haven’t died, moved out of the country, or been kidnapped.  I’ve just been very busy and mentally preoccupied.

Going from being a homeschooling household where pretty much anything goes and the schedule is all loosey-goosey to being a public school household with all the necessary structure that implies has thrown me for a loop.  Not that I’m complaining, I really like it and the order it gives to my day; it’s just that it’s taking awhile for our family to settle in and adjust to the fact that our schedule is not flexible anymore.  Set-in-stone bedtimes during the week are not a temporary situation.  The kids are loving their teachers and doing fine at keeping up with the class.

Tabitha may be starting speech therapy to help retrain her to pronunciate correctly now that her front teeth have come down fully.  She was without them for so long she developed some really bad habits that we have to tackle now.   She is so excited about finishing her 100 math facts in 5 minutes to get her name in the class hall of fame.

Teddy is a star pupil having received only excellent daily behavior reports since the first day.   He is reading way beyond his grade level and just soaking up every little piece of knowledge presented to him.

Trinity is loving spending time with me, getting to be the “special” helper and run errands all over town.  She is becoming an excellent baker and towel-folder!  She is very excited to be starting ballet & tap class this month as well.

I am slowly becoming accustomed to having a quieter house during the day, actually getting housework done without too much hassle and having a much-needed rhythm to my week.  The house looks better than it has in a long time and we know where things are!!  I’ve been working on organizing my stash, frogging old ufo’s, and getting ready for fall.

The mums have been planted, the wreath is on the door and I’m shopping for yummy scented candles.  I am sooooo ready for the cooler weather!  Bring on the wind, bring on the bonfires and s’mores.  Bring on the maple leaves swirling thru the air and on the lawn.  Bring on sweater weather and baskets and bushels of apples for pie.  Bring on the wool Baby!

Next: Project updates & spinning!