Just a quick one!

18 08 2007

Hi everybody!

I’ve been absent from my blog for multiple perfectly good reasons. School started yesterday for my family for the very first time. We went from being a homeschooling family to being a public school family. Everyone is very pleased with the change so far.   🙂 Hubby and I are working hard on our business and that takes time and concentration. The most irritating and valid reason though is that I’m covered with poison sumac. Apparently although I’m not allergic to poison ivy, sumac is another subject entirely. Not fun and I do not feel good.

On the fiber front I have not finished any projects while you weren’t looking but I did start another pair of socks for yours truly. Sockbug’s Lacy Scallops Sock in one of my new favorite yarns, Jojoland Melody. Pics will be forthcoming within a week. Also my sockapalooza package arrived! I’ll post that picture and details next time too.

I also want to breathe an audible sigh of relief that Lolly and Kris are okay. Thank you Lord! They were the first thing to cross my mind when I heard the reports of the earthquake in Peru on the news.

And I’m sorry but I’m not linking today, all I want to do is take more Benedryl and climb into a cool oatmeal bath!




12 responses

18 08 2007

I hope you feel better soon!

18 08 2007

feel better very soon we need out team members fit and funky go team 13~~~

18 08 2007
your sissy

I love you! Hope you feel better soon

18 08 2007

oh no….feel better soon.

18 08 2007

Poor poorly you 😦 Thank goodness for Benadryl though, eh?! And yay for Sockapaloooza packages 😀 Hasn’t it been a ton of fun?


18 08 2007

Thanks for the update. I’m glad you are doing well with the homeschooling so far!

Hope you’re feeling better soon. They say things come in 3’s, and you’re the 3rd person I know to have Poison Sumac in the past month. Must be the season.

18 08 2007

OH NO!!!

I had a bad run-in with poison ivy two years ago, so I know how you feel. 😦

I’ve been thinking about you a lot over the last few days, so I’m glad to hear the school change is working out!

I didn’t make it to spinning guild this morning and I was feeling guilty, but hopefully I’ll make it next month. We need to plan another get together!

18 08 2007

I’ve missed you! Hope you feel better soon!

19 08 2007

wow! big changes, public school! I homeschool and it has crossed my mine to switch. I would love to know more about the change.

[the following to be read with pouty lips and sympathetic voice, or maybe pathetic, your pick]

and poor you with the itchies. take care and get better soon! here…. have some tea and toast, but don’t get crumbs on yourself, that will just make you itchier. Oh dear. How ’bout some ice cream instead. mmmm, yum yum.

*hugs* – ew, on second thought I’ll just wave and take my leave.

bye sweetums

20 08 2007

It’s so good to hear from you! I’m glad to see you’re still around and doing OK (besides the ivy of course!) Feel better soon! =)

22 08 2007

So sorry to hear about your poison ivy…no fun!

What a huge change it will be for you to go into the school system after h’schooling. I will have to keep an eye on your blog to see how that goes. I loved h’schooling….taught my girls all the way through…

31 08 2007

email me please needles54@optonline.net

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