Just a quick one!

18 08 2007

Hi everybody!

I’ve been absent from my blog for multiple perfectly good reasons. School started yesterday for my family for the very first time. We went from being a homeschooling family to being a public school family. Everyone is very pleased with the change so far.   🙂 Hubby and I are working hard on our business and that takes time and concentration. The most irritating and valid reason though is that I’m covered with poison sumac. Apparently although I’m not allergic to poison ivy, sumac is another subject entirely. Not fun and I do not feel good.

On the fiber front I have not finished any projects while you weren’t looking but I did start another pair of socks for yours truly. Sockbug’s Lacy Scallops Sock in one of my new favorite yarns, Jojoland Melody. Pics will be forthcoming within a week. Also my sockapalooza package arrived! I’ll post that picture and details next time too.

I also want to breathe an audible sigh of relief that Lolly and Kris are okay. Thank you Lord! They were the first thing to cross my mind when I heard the reports of the earthquake in Peru on the news.

And I’m sorry but I’m not linking today, all I want to do is take more Benedryl and climb into a cool oatmeal bath!


Cozying up with the Q.

7 08 2007

I am so excited that Summer is almost over!! Really it is my least favorite season, I hate being hot and Oklahoma is very, very hot, sticky and unbearable in August. I feel for all the golf pros here right now for the PGA. We are under severe heat warnings the whole week. UGH!!


After looking at what I had in my queue and considering my new goals and feelings about my knitting I decided to start over. I had a blast browsing patterns and projects in Ravelry looking for those that would bring me the enjoyment I’ve been missing so much lately. Well it’s done! I may add one or two more when the winter IK comes out but only if they whisper sweet nothings in my ear, in French. :p So feel free to click on the Queue tab at the top of the blog to see what I’ll be up to. 😉

To start with I cast on yesterday for a lace scarf using feather and fan. I’m knitting it with some gorgeously soft superwash merino sock yarn in the Marrakesh colorway from Fearless Fibers. I’ve had it for several months now and was stressing because I could not match it up with the perfect sock pattern. Ha! It was surely snickering at me the whole time, knowing instinctively it was lace yarn darling, not sock yarn. It’s generous yardage was not meant to be trod underfoot but to be blocked and displayed in all it’s glorious beauty. That’s what I get for buying such sophisticated yarn. 😉 I am really enjoying knitting something besides my standard summer sock fare.

Sockapalooza 4 Socks Finito!

6 08 2007

Here they are washed and blocking while they dry. They will be going out later today along with some other goodies, winging their way to the northeast portion of the United States. 😉

Pattern: Marina Piccola by Kate Gilbert

Mods: plain foot & 2.5 repeats on leg instead of 3, changed all the increases to kf&b.

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in the Blue Lagoon colorway

I adore this yarn, it has become my all-time favorite for the squishy factor, the softness, the generous yardage, the price and the unbelievably rich colors. The pattern was interesting to knit once I figured out that the increases were wonky. When I knit it as written I had holes although the pattern pic showed no holes. Once I changed the increases to kf&b, the pattern became intuitive and I no longer needed the chart. This was my first time to work this “star toe” and I know now not to use it on my own socks. It looked great but did not create the snug toe I enjoy so much.

Yeah!! These count as one complete pair for Summer of Socks as well. 🙂

Now to patiently await my own socks. I haven’t heard from my own pal in over 6 weeks I think, so I’m just praying that I do have socks coming.

What’s next? … The excitement mounts as I swatch for my first “for me” sweater and I reveal the revised fall & winter queue! Stay tuned for all that and more!! 😉

Ok, time for a heart to heart…..

2 08 2007

I forgot to mention that the blogging once a week is a minimum. 😉

I think as knitters/crocheters we are extremely susceptible to peer pressure.  Since we are so blessed to have multiple knitting magazines, no shortage of great knitting books, fascinating blogs, generous designers providing free patterns, and now Ravelry, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with “I want that!”, “I must make that!”.  We take what is a beautiful pastime and creative outlet and we push ourselves to knit whatever someone else is knitting even if it’s not something we would’ve chosen on our own.  And then there’s the yarn buying.  Now I’m not trying to say I don’t love shopping for gorgeous yarns, I’m an art lover and I adore color.  Yarn will always be something I appreciate and buy.  What I am talking about is the obsession with having the newest thing, the latest colorway, that hard-to-find indie yarn that everyone drools over.  I admit, I’m guilty.  To the detriment of my family’s budget lately.   Now some would say I need a yarn diet.  I don’t think so, however I did need an intervention, and maybe you do too but that’s for you to contemplate on and decide.  Despite our love for our craft, it is a craft….not life, not family, not our health, not our financial security, etc.

I want to take a  breather and look at my knitting/crochet/spinning as something that is a wonderful addition to my life but not the sole reason I’m alive!   It may not make me popular and you may not agree with me but that’s okay.  I don’t knit for you, I knit for me.  I’m going to reassess my queue and decide what I really want to knit and not be so easily swayed by new patterns, new KAL’s and the siren’s song of just one more new sock pattern.  I want my knitting time to be relaxing, enjoyable and low-key.  I want to have fun and knit what I’m interested in!  I won’t knit patterns I don’t love.  Sometimes I will only be knitting for myself since a lot of people don’t appreciate the time, money and love involved.  I want to invest my money in the yarns I need to explore different techniques, not just for gorgeous yarns that are going to sit and collect dust because I don’t knit socks that fast!   And dang-it I will not buy yarn for a project that is 2 or 3 down the list when I don’t have the mad money to do so.

I already know that I’m not interested in anything requiring novelty yarn, so that’s a given.  But here are some of the techniques I’ve been longing to try out and explore:

– lots of fair aisle socks, mittens and hats and yoked sweaters

– lace

– complicated cable work

– beaded wire knitting

And some projects I’ve been wanting to attempt:

– designs for my kitchen

– knee highs for me for winter

– designing hoodies for my kids

And the knitting that warms  my heart,

– hats, mittens, socks and scarves for my munchkins & hubby

– gifts for my new nieces, nephew, and sister-in-law Krystal.

In the next week or so I’ll be writing up a new queue and putting it under a tab at the top of my blog so if you’re interested you can check it out.

Anyway that’s what has been on my mind and my heart in the last couple of weeks.  It feels good to get it out.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I look forward to posting a picture of the finished sockapalooza socks on Sunday or Monday.  Till then, knit with your heart.   ~Rebecca

You mean I could’ve slept last night????

2 08 2007

I just found this!

” I hope your sockapalooza socks are on the go too, because there’s only four weeks left! (I’m adding a few more days to the mailing deadline, just to put it on a Tuesday – sort of the unofficial official sockapalooza day. So mailing anytime between August 2nd and August 7th is good.) .”