Lost: Knitting Mojo, Reward offered!

31 07 2007

If you read my blog or know me please, please send my knitting mojo marching home if you see it partying around your town.

These socks must be finished in like 3 days.  And I’m a slow knitter.

One is finished and I’m almost thru the first repeat of the chart on the leg of it’s mate.

The next post should contain FO pics if my miscreant mojo returns.




8 responses

31 07 2007

You can do it pet! Knit at lunchtime, knit while reading the paper, knit while waiting for things (the bus, the dinner etc). You’ll manage it. Then breathe, rest, and pick out something pretty to congratulate yourself ;p

31 07 2007

I tend to lose my mojo about once every two months-that means (to me), I burned myself out, do something else and it’ll come back.

31 07 2007

Good Luck finding it! Mine just returned several weeks ago after taking an unscheduled vacation. The knitting mojos just seem to do as they please. : )

31 07 2007

You wait, it will come back with a vengence. I lost mine a couple weeks ago, and now my fingers are moving in my sleep!

31 07 2007

Dear Sis,

I found it here, packed it in a beautiful box and sent it back to you!! LOL! I am kidding, I hope it smacks ya hard and gets you to being busy! Can you send my crochet mojo this way? I havent picked up my WIP’s in like a year! I am so sad without it!

Love lil sis


31 07 2007

It was by here earlier, playing on my computer and eating ice cream, so I kicked its butt and said, “Mommy said you have to go home RIGHT NOW!” It skulked at bit but I made a move and barked, “Git!” and it high tailed it out here!

You should have it by now. no more excused!

Hey! what are you doing? Stop reading this comment and get to knitting!

remember: I love you.

31 07 2007

Knit, woman, KNIT!! LOL!

I haven’t lost my knitting mojo at the moment, but I’m sitting here just having finished my Shetland Tea Shawl, and overwhelmed by not only my UFOs but my WIMs (works in mind).

I think I’ll go spin.

1 08 2007

Ok. So just sit in front of the TV. Are you there? What is on ? Nothing interesting wrigth? So please pick up the neddles and do something usuful for your life. 🙂
hope you received my big testament email 😉

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