Don’t argue with the fiber/yarn!

26 07 2007

Okay, sorry for the lack of decent posts lately but life does intervene and unfortunately I have things I have to attend to besides my knitting & blogging. That being said, I’m very happy right now. My sockpal’s socks are finally clickin’ along and it’s about dang time. I had to rip back several times this weekend or there would be a finished sock for you to see. I had to make a compromise and knit the foot plain but it’s still coming out nicely. I’m planning on finishing sock #1 tonight and cast on for the other tomorrow. Here are a few pics of my progress before, during and after our weekend jaunt to St. Louis.

I haven’t had much time to spin lately so here’s what’s been on the bobbin for awhile now, don’t think I’ve blogged these pics yet.

I’ve finally had my fiber speak to me and this merino-silk I planned on using for my grandmother’s lace shawl and the Spun Stitches KAL is refusing to play nice. It whines non-stop all day. Me being the spineless gooey mess that I am caved in to the pressure.

Now the fiber is happy and I’m happy spinning along at what will end up being fingering weight singles. I also decided to let the fibers play together since they started being nice and they look great marled. I have a total of 5 oz of this and hopefully enough yardage when I’m through to make this!

I’m also spinning very happily on this:

I intend to navajo-ply it and knit myself knee-highs for fall when I’m done.

I also finished spinning up last month’s Spunkyclub fiber and gifted to a dear new friend. She’s blogged it here. I fogot to take a pic of it before it left. Oh well! I’m anxious to see how it looks knit up, she’s planning on making Calorimetry from Knitty. This was my first time to spin BFL and I’m in love with that fiber!! I will be buying more in the near future. It was also my first successful attempt at Navajo plying. There were still a few bumps but it looks great and is quite serviceable or I wouldn’t have sent it to Amanda.

It seems like all my problems in my spinning are solved one way. By simply slowing down. Hopefully I can get that fact thru my thick skull sometime soon. I wish I was making more progress spinning right now, Tour de’ fleece and all,  but it’s not happening. Only a few more weeks though and the kids will be in school and I’ll be able to spin during Trin’s naptime.

Oh before I forget, a big shout-out to all my Dish Rag Tag Lucky 13 team members!! Can’t wait to get started and help our team win!!




12 responses

26 07 2007

And win we will Go Team 13

26 07 2007
Nancy Yandell

Love those socks and your spinning is lovely as well. Beautiful colors!

26 07 2007

What a neat pattern. I love the way those socks are turning out.

26 07 2007

regardless, you are getting a lot more done than i am. beautiful socks!

26 07 2007

Hey Sis,

I am so happy to hear everything is coming along! That is awesome! I hope all is well!

Love your lil sis


26 07 2007
Terri Lynn

You have some gorgeous thngs going on here!!!!! I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blog roll?

27 07 2007
becky c.

Your spinning is great! *whining* I wish I could spin fingering weight! Mid-weight Dk is as fine as I’ve managed so far, but I’ll make myself handspun socks someday if it kills me.

27 07 2007

Wow. Those socks are coming out amazing! Which yarn is it again?


27 07 2007

The socks are stunning! Congrats!

27 07 2007

Thanks for the linkage, my friend!

I swatched your yarn, and I think it will come out fantastic. I feel so honored that you sent me that yarn being your first success at the navajo ply! THANK YOU!

Great to talk to you yesterday, too!

As soon as my pattern and prototype/sample are done, photographed, and posted, Calorimetry is going onto the needles. YAY!

28 07 2007

What pretty socks! and yummy fiber! Can I ask you a question, what is a good fiber to spin for sock making? Somewhat new spinner here:)

28 07 2007

that sock should be called, the travelling sock 🙂
Have a nice weekend Rebeca

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