Lost: Knitting Mojo, Reward offered!

31 07 2007

If you read my blog or know me please, please send my knitting mojo marching home if you see it partying around your town.

These socks must be finished in like 3 days.  And I’m a slow knitter.

One is finished and I’m almost thru the first repeat of the chart on the leg of it’s mate.

The next post should contain FO pics if my miscreant mojo returns.


I don’t multi-task well….. (No knitting content today)

28 07 2007

As I’m getting older and even more firmly into the age where I have things to do that won’t get done unless I do them myself, I’ve come to a realization. I have not been honest with myself. I pretend to be alot of things to myself and it’s not healthy. So for the sake of complete honesty with myself, (not because I have to blog about it) I’m going to expose my bad habits. And I’m thinking that if I tell you all then I can’t exactly hide, right? I will face them and one at a time, with God’s help I will change; change into the person I know I can be and need to be for my Lord, for myself and for my family.

1) I don’t like housework therefore most of the time I avoid it till it all has to be done at once because we are out of clean dishes and clean clothes.

2) Sometimes I’ve been known to spend bill money on yarn. I handle our finances so hubby doesn’t realize this. This is also the first habit I’m changing.

3) I over-commit myself when it comes to KAL’s and swaps. I have decided I won’t sign up for any more swaps this year, and maybe next year as well.

4) I’ve also been known to put my needs first instead of serving those who need me most.

5) I spend more time doing what I want to do than I should yet I don’t take good care of myself.

6) I am a dyed-in-the-wool procrastinator.

I think that’s enough for now, don’t you? Just so you know, one of the things I am changing is my blogging schedule or lack of one. My new plan includes blogging only once a week unless something life-shattering comes up. Blogging any more often than that takes away from my knitting time and my housecleaning. Besides, my kids need more of my time than I’ve been giving them. I’ve been guilty of letting my hobby/business become an obsession. Now I’m seeking balance and order. Those are the things that bring peace in my soul and my home.

Don’t argue with the fiber/yarn!

26 07 2007

Okay, sorry for the lack of decent posts lately but life does intervene and unfortunately I have things I have to attend to besides my knitting & blogging. That being said, I’m very happy right now. My sockpal’s socks are finally clickin’ along and it’s about dang time. I had to rip back several times this weekend or there would be a finished sock for you to see. I had to make a compromise and knit the foot plain but it’s still coming out nicely. I’m planning on finishing sock #1 tonight and cast on for the other tomorrow. Here are a few pics of my progress before, during and after our weekend jaunt to St. Louis.

I haven’t had much time to spin lately so here’s what’s been on the bobbin for awhile now, don’t think I’ve blogged these pics yet.

I’ve finally had my fiber speak to me and this merino-silk I planned on using for my grandmother’s lace shawl and the Spun Stitches KAL is refusing to play nice. It whines non-stop all day. Me being the spineless gooey mess that I am caved in to the pressure.

Now the fiber is happy and I’m happy spinning along at what will end up being fingering weight singles. I also decided to let the fibers play together since they started being nice and they look great marled. I have a total of 5 oz of this and hopefully enough yardage when I’m through to make this!

I’m also spinning very happily on this:

I intend to navajo-ply it and knit myself knee-highs for fall when I’m done.

I also finished spinning up last month’s Spunkyclub fiber and gifted to a dear new friend. She’s blogged it here. I fogot to take a pic of it before it left. Oh well! I’m anxious to see how it looks knit up, she’s planning on making Calorimetry from Knitty. This was my first time to spin BFL and I’m in love with that fiber!! I will be buying more in the near future. It was also my first successful attempt at Navajo plying. There were still a few bumps but it looks great and is quite serviceable or I wouldn’t have sent it to Amanda.

It seems like all my problems in my spinning are solved one way. By simply slowing down. Hopefully I can get that fact thru my thick skull sometime soon. I wish I was making more progress spinning right now, Tour de’ fleece and all,  but it’s not happening. Only a few more weeks though and the kids will be in school and I’ll be able to spin during Trin’s naptime.

Oh before I forget, a big shout-out to all my Dish Rag Tag Lucky 13 team members!! Can’t wait to get started and help our team win!!

Lack of progress pics……..

18 07 2007

so you get the fun stuff.  I am busy crocheting squares, knitting socks and spinning but I’m not ready to show you yet.  Soon my pretties, soon.

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Socks & Swag!

12 07 2007

(peeking over the mountain of yarn) I’m still here, I promise I haven’t gone anywhere.  I’ve just been very busy with family stuff.  Hubby had a small 4-wheeler accident and I’ve been busy nursing him back to health, knitting, spinning and a little shopping.  He’s okay now by the way.  So…… you wanna see proof of my progress right?

Here is the first finished Nightshade boot sock:

Cool huh?  It striped up a little like Trekking.   Next up we have Sockapalooza 4 knitting.   After many, many starts and trips to the frog pond and with much frustration I decided to scrap my previous plans and start over for the 2nd time.  Now I’m in a much better place, my happy place, ahhhhhh.  I’m loving this pattern & yarn combo and it’s loving me right back.

Pattern: Marina Piccola by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Sockyarn purchased from The Loopy Ewe in the Blue Lagoon colorway.

Needles: 1.5’s for the first 2 rounds of the cuff, 0’s for the remainder of the cuff and 1.5’s for the rest of the sock.

Refreshing, isn’t it?  Makes me want to go swimming.  🙂

Now…. for the SWAG!!!!

First off I want to show you my new shoes.  I’ve been shopping around for some cute but comfortable shoes that would show off my handknit socks.  Hard to find when you don’t really want to shell out a hundred bucks?  Nope!  Believe it or not I found these babies for only $3.99 at our local Goodwill.

That’s what I call a sweet deal.  They’re Doc Martins and they fit like a dream.

Now for the fiber!  For the Tour de Fleece I got almost 8 oz of this wool from Deb of Dudleyspinner.com

I’m thinking some knock’em dead knee-highs for fall.  I also purchased 8 oz. of this super-yummy Targhee roving from Susan at The Spinning Bunny in the Blueberry Patch colorway.  Still debating over what it’s destiny is.

Next up come the yarns.  Remember the cabled vest I told you about?  Yeah well 16 balls of Elann’s Sierra Aran in Garnet showed up along with the pattern booklet.

Can you say De-lish-ious?

Then I got a larger than normal box from Sheri, containing my Loopy Groupie extras!!!   (A wonderful clear vinyl zippered Loopy tote and 2 balls of Regia Heather in a lovely tan.  There were also some Loopy Kisses but those are long gone now.)    😉

and my order of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Red Rover and Louet Gems Fingering weight in Pink Panther.  This is my first time to try either of these yarns.

Are you tired yet?  Hope not, there’s one more!

My very own, long-sought-after hank of Vesper’s Knit & Tonic.  Ahhhhhhhh……

A wonderful birthday and I still have some cash left.  Think I’m gonna take my hubby out on a date this weekend.  😉

Eye Candy Friday

6 07 2007

I adore vintage jewelry.  This is one I found online.  Someday I hope to have a ring commissioned for myself that is a replica of this one.   Enjoy!

F.O. Alert!!! Larger Than Life Bag

5 07 2007

NOTE: This is a post full of largish pics so it may load slowly for those with dial-up.

She’s finally done!! And only a few days later than the goal I had set. She went with me to WalMart and to the fireworks show yesterday and served me well.

The handles are braided drapery tie-backs like several other people have used. The drawstring is lengths of the contrast colors used in the squares twisted into a tight cord and knotted on the ends. The border the cord is threaded through is simply one round of sc, then 1 round of 2dc cluster, ch 1, 2 dc cluster, ch 1. I finished it with one more round of sc and then my favorite edging stitch, which is ch 1, sl st, ch 1, sl st, repeating to the end of the round. This gives it a little bit of a zigzag effect similar to rickrack. I also used this stitch for all the seaming I did on the bag except for the seams joining the base to the side gussets.

I made several mods to the pattern when it comes to lining. I added a zipper and zipper placket with end opening for long needles, needle pocket with elastic, a large side pocket for magazines, patterns, & books, another large side pocket divided up with slots for double points, crochet hooks and other knitting accessories. I used 2 different fabrics for the inner and outer linings with a layer of heavy interfacing between them.

The modification to the side gussets went something like this: starting at the top of the side panel I crocheted *20 sc, 15 hdc, & 15 dc. Turn & ch 3. Work dc’s into dc’s, hdc’s into hdc’s and sc’s into sc’s. Turn & ch 1. Sc in every stitch, turn & ch 1. Sc in every stitch, turn & ch 1. Then repeat this sequence till the gusset is the width you want. ALSO: on the sc sections of the row, I alternated crocheting into the front loop only with crocheting into the back loop only to get the texture I wanted.

The modification for the base of the bag is simple; just rows of sc alternating between the main bag color and the contrast colors. I did find though that if you were using the contrast colors when the wrong side was facing you, then they would show up more prominently than the main color when it’s all seamed up.

Well that’s the end of my Larger Than Life Bag. Next up in my crochet queue is the Sunny Set from Crochet Today’s july/august issue and finishing a star ripple toddler afghan. I’ll post pictures of those soon!