Tour ‘de Fleece ’07

29 06 2007

It’s that time again!

Yeah!! Last year I missed signing up for this and although I probably could’ve just jumped in I wasn’t a skilled enough spinner at that point for it to even be enjoyable.

I love how this spin-along is low-key. No rules, just guidelines and the challenge of it. Ahhh…. fun spinning! Now if I’m gonna have enough prepared fiber on hand to spin I’d better start shopping!!

Attention fellow spinners!! Any suggestions on a somewhat economical fiber that is also soft enough for next-to-skin wear and fun to spin? I’m leaning towards trying some Shetland or Wensleydale. It doesn’t need to be handpainted or anything just clean and free of VM. Let me hear your opinion!




3 responses

30 06 2007

Sory can’t help you there, but it looks like a good chanlege:)

30 06 2007

I like spinning wensleydale but I think it is not really skin friendly. The fibers are really long and like mohair when it is finished, with a bit of a halo.

Have you tried soy silk or merino/soysilk blend like Karaoke? Very soft.


30 06 2007

That sounds like fun – but I wonder if I’m good enough to join?

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