SOS ’07 begins with Nightshade

22 06 2007

At 5am yesterday morning I cast on my first handspun sock. It decided to accompany me to the newspaper office to place an ad and then to McDonald’s for breakfast with the munchkins where it grew.

Then we were off to Reasor’s for a some edibles and it tagged along. Even got a little bit friendly with the checker! His name is Pat, and turns out he likes socks. Who would’ve thought?

At the end of the day I had knit 6 inches of leg ribbing. Today we should see a heel!




3 responses

22 06 2007

Cute pics! I take Will to BK to blow off steam in the playland and I bring my knitting, too.

I just love that yarn you’re using. Though I know I told you that already, but I don’t have a huge stash, so I have to admire what others have! šŸ˜€

23 06 2007

That sock has travelled all over the place and it hasn’t even been worn yet! lol It looks great so far! šŸ™‚

23 06 2007

Oooo yummy! And a nice way of showing it off too šŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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