A pattern has been chosen!

6 06 2007

Thank you all for chiming in with your votes!! Bayerische came in first, Baudelaire second, Poseidon third and Pembrokeshire fourth. After studying the patterns a little more in depth and agreeing with SB about the likelyhood of Bayerische ridding me of my hair prematurely, I’ve decided to knit Baudelaire for my pal. I think it will be beautiful in the teal CTH and I’ve been craving both lace and cables so it’s a good fit. I still really like Poseidon and Pembrokeshire and have added them to my list of socks to knit for the Summer of Socks KAL starting later this month.

While trying to decide on the pattern for Sockapalooza 4, I’ve cast on another pair of Monkeys! They will be a thank-you gift for my sister-in-law Juliet. (turquoise, brown and pink were her wedding colors last fall)

She and my bro-in-law offered to take our munchkins for a few days so we can go kid-less camping for our anniversary later this month. We were planning to go up to Estes Park for the Wool Market and camp there but the funds for that trip didn’t come in like planned. I’m disappointed but it’s the time alone with hubby that makes it all better!

In other news:

Fabric has been chosen, ordered, and shipped for lining my Larger Than Life bag! I’ll show pics as soon as it gets here!

I’ve decided to be daring and try navajo plying my nightshade singles. (I could use your prayers on this one!) I really want these socks to be hardwearing so it’s gotta be a 3-ply.  I’ve ordered a Natural Coopworth Sampler from Spunky Eclectic so I can spin up a solid yarn in the same fiber for the toes, heels and maybe the cuffs.

Hubby and I have decided to have a portrait done of the two of us for our anniversary! So I’ve pulled out my sewing machine to make a new dress for the occasion. Here is my fabric and the pattern. I’m planning on crocheting a filet strip to cover the trim on the dress and for the tie at the waist. The fabric behind it will be a slightly darker green I think. I’m going to try and start cutting out the pattern pieces today and iron the fabric I washed on the weekend.  Sorry the photo is a little dark.  I’ll try and get a better one once I get started sewing on it. 😉

I’ve been tagged with another meme by Bryony but this post is already long so I’ll save it for tomorrow. 😉




6 responses

6 06 2007

I have to make those monkey socks… seen too many of them on people’s blogs, and the pattern looks fun.

7 06 2007

Good choise:)
I’ve got to share this with you, go to this link
she is giving a ‘kal’ about making a sock with circular needles, but you do the feet and the cuff at the same time.
I’m trying to start, until know it is funny.
Happy knitting

7 06 2007

I think the bay socks will be beautiful, I love the pattern!

7 06 2007

What fun monkey socks! I agree on your choice.

Bummer on not going to the Estes Wool Market! I haven’t made it there yet, either.

The dress is going to be very pretty! I love your choices, and I’d never have thought to knit or crochet the trim. You rock!

7 06 2007

I don’t think you could have gone wrong with any of those patterns! And teal? Oh, be still my heart!

8 06 2007

LOVE how those monkeys are looking!! 🙂
what yarn is that?

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