And we have Cast ON!

29 05 2007

5/27/07 ….. managed late night cast on for monkey sock #1, slated for Sockapalooza 4.

5/28/07 ….. finished 1 inch of twisted ribbing and worked 2 pattern repeats. (lace pattern almost memorized at this point.)

5/29/07 ….. pausing to record a total of 3 repeats completed, but not done for the day yet!

Now I understand all the hoopla I’ve been hearin’ ’bout Monkey.    🙂

What else I’ve been doing this past holiday weekend:

1) Discovering Raverlry at last!!!!! 🙂

2) Spinning up my first consistent laceweight plys from my Spunky Club fiber for May.

3) Celebrating my MIL’s college graduation with a party.

4) Hanging new curtains in my livingroom.

5) Thinking about the upcoming PROM!!! (more details to come 😉 )

Longer post later I promise! Now it’s past time for food!




5 responses

29 05 2007

You been busy. that is way sometimes i don’t like holidays next to the weekend, there is always something new to do!

30 05 2007

Your monkey looks great, I’ve been trying hard to resist but I think I must CO now! =)

30 05 2007

Your monkey socks look great so far! I like the yarn you chose, it’s beautiful!

30 05 2007

Your socks are looking great! : )

8 06 2007

Hey, Ravelry buddy! Isn’t it great! I just started Monkey too which is how I found you on Ravelry. Something else we have in common, we are both christians. See you around.

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