Evidence of Spring

21 05 2007

It is finally spring in northeastern Oklahoma! We don’t have room for a real garden right now but I managed to plant a couple of tomato plants in pots for the patio and a bunch of flowers / flower seeds in pots for the porch. Because of all the rain we’ve had over the last two weeks the tomato plants are huge!! I think I may grab a couple more varieties next weekend.

The garage sale we had on Saturday was a success. My sister made a little over $250 selling 2 instruments and of clothing and we came out with about $215 selling some large baby items and miscellaneous stuff collected over the last ten years. We are planning on doing it again next weekend since we still weren’t able to have it all out in time on Sat. If I could make another $100, I would be thrilled!  We even found time in the midst of it to give haircuts to my girlies.  It was a very long but productive day 🙂

On the fibery front, there hasn’t been too much going on. I’m still trying to let my arm heal and it’s been slow-going. I am usually back in the saddle very quickly after most injuries but having never actually broken a bone before I was totally unprepared for the long recovery time. I’m still slowly knitting away on the first of my mom’s Mother’s Day socks. I’m planning on trying to finish this one today.

My Larger than Life bag is still sitting at 3 squares completed. The crochet is the hardest on my injury so this may take longer than I had hoped in the beginning. Oh well, there isn’t any deadline thank goodness!

I do however have a partially finished FO to show you. It’s an FO because I’m done with the knitting and felting of it but there is still alot of sewing and finishing work to be done.  I knit this up using 4 balls of Patons SWS in Natural Navy. Obviously it is a bag of some sort but that’s all the info I’m sharing at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with their picks for the lining fabric on my LTL bag. If you haven’t yet, go ahead! I haven’t ordered it yet so there’s still time for me to be persuaded.

Coming Soon: spinning plans!




2 responses

21 05 2007

Beautiful flowers and good luck with your tomatoes. Great socks!

I love the crochet squares you’re using to make your upcoming bag. They are truly lovely!

Great news about the successful garage sale.

Our daughter and son-in-law now live in NE OK, too!

Have a wonderful week!

22 05 2007

Nice bag! Looking forward to seeing which fabric you end up with!

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