Double Tagged…Random Meme

18 05 2007

By Amanda and Becky so I guess I don’t really have a choice, do I? Nah, I don’t mind too awfully much. Here goes!

1. I tend to be a slob. Those piles of clothes everyone has been talking about? There must have been spying on me. I hate it and am trying desperately to change my ways.

2. The smell of black licorice and/or root beer make me gag horribly.

3. The only time I had a dream involving a celebrity, it was Will Smith (ahhhhh) and I had to choose between hubby and him. Hubby won but still!

4. I always hated wearing socks till I tried on a pair of handknit socks.

5. I adore a good glass of port.

6. I am a quarter Portuguese.

7. Hubby and I want to move to Israel someday.

8. I didn’t decide on a favorite color till I was 29, it’s green. More specifically, it’s olive green.

Let’s see who I can tag who hasn’t already done this: Keri, Laura, Vera, Julie, and Kat.

There ya all go, don’t know how interesting I am but that’s how the cookie crumbles I guess. We are having a garage sale tomorrow so I won’t be posting again till sunday.

Coming soon: gardening, felting, and other shenanigans.




4 responses

18 05 2007

I am prone to laundry piles too. Sigh.

I love olive green and good port too. Will Smith is cute AND smart; the best combination.

I hope your garage sale is very successful.

19 05 2007

Great answers… can’t wait to hear about the “shenanigans”… ha ha

21 05 2007

I think everybody has an thing with the laundry piles!
‘I am a quarter Portuguese’- I miss my country!

24 05 2007

I still don’t know what my favorite colors is…

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