Giant Rainbow Popcorn

11 05 2007

Things are really poppin’ around here! Even with my arm (shhhh! sometimes) in a sling, I’ve been getting a lot done. My mom has ooohed and aaahed over every pair of socks to come off my needles so it’s only natural for me to pull a quickie out of the hat for Mother’s Day. I think I ordered the yarn from Sheri on last friday, broke my arm on sunday, got the yarn on monday, started the socks on thursday, and here’s the yarn and my progress at the moment of writing:

The yarn is Cider Moon’s Glacier, a DK weight superwash merino softer than a baby’s bottom. The colorway is called Victoria and it is the most intense purple possible without retinal damage. The pattern, Campfire Socks by Cider Moon as well is nice and stretchy and utilizes a square heel, a new one for me. My dear friend, blogless Dawn decided on her own to take my kids for a large portion of yesterday so I had lots of uninterrupted knitting time and would have finished the first sock if not for such frivolities as grocery shopping and eating pizza.

If you noticed my list of buttons on the right, I got signed up in time this year to participate in Sockapalooza 4! Last year I found out about it when it was about half over.
I have heard from my upstream pal knitting for me and supposedly we’ve swapped before!!! That really made me wrack my brain till it hurt. Although I’ve got a few suspicions, I really don’t have anything hard to go on so you can breathe my sweet pal, your identity is safe for now. I contacted my downstream pal and it’s gonna be sooo much fun to spoil her! She pretty much gave me free reign on her socks, her only preference being a strong dislike for pastels. The perfect yarn (I think?) has been ordered from The Loopy Ewe, (duh!) and I’m leaning towards knitting Monkey.

What do you think? Is it a good match?

Of course when I ordered it, it was right after a Sneak Up at the Ewe and I tried but failed on getting out of there with my self-control intact. I managed to snag a couple of treats for myself. And dangitall I don’t feel guilty! I mean come on! It’s Mother’s Day weekend, I’m entitled. Hehehe…(insert giggles) I’ll show you when they get here!

Along with Socktopia and now Sockapalooza, I also joined up for the Summer of Socks 2007 , the Six Sox KAL and the Sensational Knitted Socks KAL. There’s a lot of socks I’ve been wanting to knit for myself and I plan on getting a head start on my Christmas gifts this way as well.

Last but definitely NOT least, I was thrilled to sign up for the Larger Than Life CAL! I’ve crocheted for a loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time and adore crocheted bags so when I saw this one in the spring issue of Interweave Crochet, my heart started racing! I told hubby last night that I really wanted the yarn for this to be my gift from him, (he craves this kind of gift-giving help!) and then promptly ordered it! I’ll be using Elann’s Callista which I’m really excited to try. The colors are amazing! My main color is the burnt olive, with the contrast colors being: copper, desert rose, boysenberry, aramanth, morocccan blue, peacock and tarragon.




6 responses

11 05 2007

Your Larger Than Life Bag is going to look FANTASTIC in those colors! That looks like a nice yarn.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I’m looking forward to watching your progress.

11 05 2007

The bag will look great with those colors. I’m using the Glacier and Campfire Socks for my S4 pal too! I am excited to get started.

12 05 2007

Those colors are amazing! Your bag is going to look great! I’ve been blog hopping today and a few other people have finished a bag like that as well. You’re going to be really busy with all you’ve signed up for. Good luck! 🙂

14 05 2007

I love the colors for your bag.

I think you’ve picked a great yarn for the monkey socks. A few people in my knitting group have made them and they’re awesome.

15 05 2007

The yarn for your pal is gorgeous! I think it will look great as Monkey socks.

The colors for your bag are very festive. I look forward to seeing it progress.

How is your arm doing?

18 05 2007

It seems we’ve signed up for a lot of the same things. I’m trying to knit more socks because I have all this sock yarn and so many patterns I want to try out!

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