Rockin’ & Rollin’ ?

9 05 2007

Well, I’d love to say I’ve come into posession of my first hank of STR but I haven’t.

I have decided to return to my favorite childhood activity as my preferred form of cardiovascular exercise. Old-fashioned roller-skating. I’m very, very excited to get back in the rink after a 12-15 yr absence. So, on Sunday afternoon I went. This is Tuesday and I got back from the doctor’s office a few hours ago. I managed to fracture my right forearm right next to the elbow. No cast thankfully, just a sling for a week, then some stretching to start regaining my normal range of motion.

Am I still as gung-ho about skating? YEP! You bet I am. I’m busying myself shopping for safety gear/pads.

As soon as I can type with both hands without pain I’ll post again. Till then please keep me in your prayers, and STR in my mailbox definitely says “Get Well Soon!” hehehe (gotta leave hints for my sockapalooza pal!) 😉




2 responses

9 05 2007

Get well soon! I can’t believe you’ve never knit with STR — it is really nice. My parents live 20 minutes from The Fold, so I pick some up whenever I’m home.

10 05 2007

So does this mean we’re going to see you on one of the new roller derby teams???? 😉

Hope you’re feeling better soon! 🙂

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