Nice to meet you, Sasha dear.

2 05 2007

My silence has not been for lack of inspiration but rather an overflow of it! So much as been going on both fiber-wise and family-wise.

Let’s start with family stuff: I have a new cousin! Her name is Sasha Elaine and she is beautiful. But why would the birth of a cousin cause disruption of the blog? Well, I have no nieces or nephews yet even though between hubby and myself we have a total of 5 siblings. I am soooooooooo ready and anxious to be an Auntie and have permission to spoil! So little Sasha shall be the sole recipient of all my auntly attentions for the foreseeable future. (That was really wordy.)

The Sasha Cardi was knit from Bernat Baby Softee (what was on hand & washable) and size 3 & 4 needles. As it just fits perfectly and babies grow quickly, I will write up the pattern as I cast on for a second cardi in a larger size. I’m thinking I want to use KnitPicks Mainline or Cotlin for the larger size since Oklahoma summers are so hot and sticky. Probably size 5 & 7 needles I’m thinking. Hey, I just realized this works for Project Spectrum too! Too cool dudes!

Note: I really came down to the wire on this project, sewing on buttons in the car after my family had already gone in at the baby shower. (note to self: don’t cut it that close again!)

It was hard to leave not knowing when I’ll get to see Sasha again, in fact I think my whole family would have loved to leave with her in our arms.

Next post, more catching up…..




5 responses

2 05 2007

what a sweet baby! your sweater is beautiful!

2 05 2007

Babies are great. That is a beautiful picture of you and the family.

Sweater is beautiful!

2 05 2007

How beautiful! πŸ™‚ The sweater is adorable too. πŸ™‚

2 05 2007

What a cute baby! The sweater is cute too. And, I love the family picture.

8 05 2007

Hey Sis,

That baby is such a beautiful baby!!! I cant wait to see my baby girl here in the next day or sooo!! I am so glad that you have a niece to spoil. It is a lot of fun to spoil kids and then give them back to the parents!!! LOL!!! That cardigan is absolutely beautiful too! Your work is always just soooo beautiful! Well I need to go get back into bed as it is 4 am right now (cant sleep too excited) Love ya and hope your arm gets to feeling better!



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