Project Spectrum…April ’07

11 04 2007

Here are some glimpses of April’s Project Spectrum colors about my home, (including my current sock-in-progress). Hope you are enjoying Spring wherever you may be.




7 responses

12 04 2007

I found your blog while surfing The Spinning Wheel. I wasn’t familiar with Project Spectrum until now. Your photos certainly fit the bill!

12 04 2007

Lovely photos!

I need to start thinking about the new Project Spectrum colors.

12 04 2007

Your shawl is beautiful! 🙂

Wonderful selection of spectrum photos. 🙂

13 04 2007

Hello, my friend!

I have not forgotten the soup recipe. My husband goes to school nights, and I’m often asleep when he gets home. Can you email me your email address and I will send it to you over the weekend? I know you like soup, and I think you’ll really enjoy this recipe!

Hope you’re well!

15 04 2007

I’ve been surfing the Spinning Wheel ring too long; I could swear that Betty Boop blinked!

22 04 2007

I never realised you were the same person as the one who commented on my blog 😀 Duuuh! The connection has officially been made now 😉

27 04 2007

Hey Sis,

I want to call you but your line is busy!!!!! I will keep trying!

Love Sis

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