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31 03 2007

I’ve been planning a trip! Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 th wedding anniversary this June. We have started a tradition of celebrating it with my brother and sis-in-law since their anniversary is the day after ours. Last year we discovered the semi-local treasure of Broken Bow Lake and Beaver’s Bend Resort in southeast Oklahoma. That trip was mostly planned by my brother. This year’s trip is being planned by your’s truly.

As a knitter and a spinner, my eyes were peeled for interesting fiber destinations when I found it. It is perfect!

Estes Park Colorado /Estes Park Wool Market looks amazing, and the timing is perfect, June 14-17. We are planning to camp in the Rocky Mountain National Park, attend the market, go whitewater rafting, flyfishing with a guide, visit a winery, spend time at the spa, tour an alpaca farm and ride a dinner train! I have come up with a list of Colorado yarn shops as well and am planning a wonderful shopping day!

All while my other darling sis & bro-in-law are enjoying my kids in St. Louis.

This will be the beginning of a very busy summer in which we will be getting our kids ready to attend public school after being homeschooled. There may a possibility of us moving as well. And I will be getting all the final details worked out in order to launch my business this fall (details coming soon!).

If you read my blog and live in the Estes Park area, could you please leave me a comment with your opinions on the local yarn shops? If time becomes an issue, I may need to pick and choose between them, but I don’t want to miss out on the best! Thanks!

I can’t wait to see what goodies I will come away from this trip with. The possibilities are mind-bending!




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2 04 2007

Wow, what a beautiful looking spot for your anniversary celebration!

Funny that you should mention homeschooling. We’ve been working on making the decision to homeschool our son. He’s only 3 right now, but private school is so expensive here that we’re trying to weigh it all now so we can save money we may need. Any advice you can offer would be great! Why are they making the switch?

Haven’t tried the soup recipe yet, but I’m not much of a cook – only an eater!

What kind of knitting have you been working on?

2 04 2007

Oh my, I’m envious! You’re going to have so much fun!! I love that area, and I’ve heard such awesome things about the Estes Park Wool Market.

Don’t forget that it’s REALLY REALLY high altitude, and a hike may totally kick your butt. We were there (at Rocky Mtn National Park) two summers ago and it’s breath-taking, quite literally! I was in pretty good shape but a very small hill was exhausting. There’s just not much air up there! You’ll love it though!

2 04 2007

I’m very jealous as well! It looks like you’re going to have a fantastic time on your trip! I wish I could take a trip like that. Although, if I did, I’d be quite broke after all the money I would have spent =)

3 04 2007

How exciting!

I’ve been to Estes Park many years ago (10 years) and it’s beautiful! Definitely be ready to adjust to the higher altitude though. We spent a few days in Ft. Collins with family before making the trip to Estes Park and the difference between the two towns was very noticeable.

12 05 2007
secret knitter

you’re going to adore estes. there are a few shops in the boulder area if you are intersted in heading down from the mountains (former boulderite here) 🙂 theres shuttles spindles and skeins in boulder, mewmew’s yarn shop in louisville, and knit one purl too in longmont. oh and theres always neota designs in estes itself and stitchin den. so don’t forget to save some of your yarn budget 🙂 gosh and make sure you head over to lyons to oscar blues for some fabulous new orleans style food, the best beer, and some great music. oh and htere’s a pinball arcade right around the corner… sigh. can i come too?

12 05 2007

d’oh forgot to change my name and email addy above in all the excitement. holler if you need locals input on anything up there ok?

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15 04 2009
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1 05 2009

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4 05 2009

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19 05 2009

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