So that’s what I need!

14 03 2007

A drum carder! Nah, I’ve known for a long time that I want one but the price can be more than a little prohibitive. But still I’m gonna start shopping around and checking out different brands for when I do have some extra dough. This totally did me in. Meanwhile I am getting ready to start Branching Out yet one more time. I finally have yarn that is screaming for it and won’t be persuaded otherwise. The yarn from my handspun pal has been constantly in my mind since it got here and it gets cast on tomorrow!

My hubby is very creative and after offering to wind all my yarn into balls for years, now he finally decided it was time for a swift. So he made one. And it works, fairly well for clothes hangers, pvc pipe, packing tape and a board!

So now my yarn is
all balled up and ready to roll. The colors in this are so beautiful. I love how my pal decided to spin it and ply it to get this particular effect. And even though my camera is lousy, the colors are pretty accurate on the side view photo.So anyways, that’s what I’m getting ready to knit. The SeaSalt socks are still on the needles, just not feeling the love right now. I’m not worried though, I’ll finish them before the month is out. Then I want to start thinking a little bigger……………..(to be continued.)




2 responses

15 03 2007

That is one ingenious husband!

19 03 2007

I love your swift! That’s awesome.

Your new yarn is beautiful! I don’t have the confidence in my spinning yet to do an exchange. Maybe in a few months!

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