It’s about time….

29 01 2007

for some pictures right?….

Well, I’m not kidding you I AM TRYING. Unfortunately my efforts have not been good enough. I’m giving it one more try then I’m shopping for a new camera.

Still, I have a hard time with this blogging thing. I’m much more of a people person and even though I really enjoy reading others’ blogs, I find it extremely difficult to come up with anything myself that wouldn’t induce a long winters’ nap. However I choose to persist and try yet again to intrigue my readers long enough to learn their names.

I am taking a step of faith and am beginning to follow up on an idea my Father gave me. I am designing and writing up some patterns for a book. What will happen when I have it done? I don’t know yet but I choose to believe that everything I put my hand to prospers and succeeds so you’ll be wanting a copy!

Classes have been going very well and I will be posting the Feb. schedule later today with the March to follow in about a week. I have made the decision not to offer any crochet classes past Feb. and instead focus on making more knitting classes available to those who have already learned the basics and are ready for the next level. Things I will be covering are: knitting in the round using both circular needles and double pointed needles, increases decreases and their uses, as well as several project classes where we will be learning how to read, understand and follow knitting patterns.

I want to say thank you to those who have attended my classes thus far. I hope you are enjoying the learning process and I look forward to seeing you again in another class. As always you are welcome to email me or post a comment here on the blog if you need help or have a question about the classes.





One response

31 01 2007

You bet your tooty booty that I will want a book when it is done!! HEHE! I am so happy for you sis! I hope all is well! Love ya and call you later


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