If the hat fits, then wear it!

5 01 2007

The blue cabled hat I’ve been knitting for hubby is done but he’s at work so I’m kinda nervous about the fit since it does fit my 5 year old son! (of course he does have a large head for a kid). I’m referring to it from this point as the Twisted Cable Skully since I altered the pattern to suit hubby’s requests. Almost all the knit stitches are twisted, I knit less ribbing & fewer pattern repeats, and I tweeked the decreases to get the effect I wanted on top and make it less pointy. The original pattern is here.

The yarn I used was Lion Wool in a pretty blue shade called Cadet Blue. It was my first time using this wool and I was really pleased with how it knit up nice and crisp but softer than in the ball. We’ll have to wait and see how it wears. I would definately use it again based on this hat. Oh and the hat as I knit it only took about half the ball. I used u.s. size 8 Balene (12in.) circs and Clover bamboo dpns. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying it fits hubby, otherwise my son has a new hat!

I did take pics, but with my 35mm since my digital needs batteries. When it gets developed, I’ll post them right away.

Now to finish the second Fetching for my Mom and weave in some ends on a baby blanket so I can add them to the FO list.  I’m determined to finish more this year than I did last year.




One response

8 01 2007

Thanks for the great link, I really enjoyed all the patterns, what cool hats!

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