Peroxide Times Three

3 01 2007

I straggled in at 5am this morning coming home from mom’s.  My dear little sister is moving today to Stillwater for school and wanted to do something different with her hair before she left.  So I being the wonderful big sister I am said “Sure, I’ll come help you.”  Eleven hours later, after light golden brown, hi-lift warm golden brown, and light amber brown, we finally gave up.  Her hair breaks all the rules of dyeing.  She had very dark brown hair to start with and wanted to go lighter for a change.  After 3 processes she ended up with a very pretty dark auburn…..only problem?  The roots are a couple of shades lighter.  Oops.

The other result is that I’m coasting today.  Forget anything that was on the to-do list!  Thanks sis for my day off! LOL  Oh well.  What I’d love to be doing is helping her move.

As I started to cast on for my bil’s cabled hat I realized I had no idea how many stitches to cast on for his humongo 24″ noggin, so I decided to knit another hat first following the pattern directions for the CO and see how it fit hubby then I would know how much larger BJ’s hat needed to be.  So hubby’s hat was begun with a twist, I decided to see how it would look to twist all my knit stitches except the cables on the cable row.  I really like how it looks!!  I’m using Lion Wool in the solid blue which such a pretty shade.  It’s actually knitting up softer than I expected which is nice.

I’d like to make a request of the wonderful people who comment on my blog, I’m so clueless when it comes to blog design that I really need some help.  I don’t know how to add things such as blogrings and swap buttons and flickr to my site to make it more interesting.  Anyone willing to help me get my blog all spiffed up will gain not only my neverending gratitude and thanks but also a skein of my handpainted merino laceweight I call Spring Dreams.

Oh I almost forgot!!  Yesterday at WW I was down 1.2 lbs!!!!  🙂




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3 03 2007

I there,
Hope your hat is coming along great. 🙂 There are some directions on how to do these things on the faqs pages. You have to input the codes of the things you want in a text widget which you’ll find in your dashboard under presentation and sidebar widget.
Here are some directions on how to use the flickr widget.
Blogrings give you the code to use, so just copying and pasting them into the text sidebar widget will work out. Putting graphics is a bit more difficult because you have to link to the photo to use it on your site. If you upload a photo in the uploading section, you can copy the URL of it and place it into another text widget. I’m no good at explaining this so here are more directions.

Hope this helps! 🙂

3 03 2007

Oops!! lol I just posted a comment and then later realized it was an old post of yours that I commented on. Sorry about that! You probably have had all the help you need by now. 🙂

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