HeartKnits! February Class Schedule

31 01 2007

fri. Feb. 2nd …Crochet 101 6-8pm 41st & Yale store

sat. Feb. 3rd …Knitting 101 5-7pm 71st & Garnett store

mon. Feb 5th …Knit Nite 7-9:30pm Cappucinno Corner in Claremore

thurs. Feb 8th …Crochet 101 6-8pm 71st & Garnett store

fri. Feb 9th …Knitting 101 6-8pm 41st & Yale store

sat. Feb. 10th …Class Preview 1-4pm 71st & Garnett store

sat. Feb. 10th …Advanced Beginning Knitting 102 5-8pm 71st & Garnett store

sun. Feb. 11th …Knitting Demonstration 1-3pm 71st & Garnett store

mon. Feb. 19th …Knit Nite 7-9:30pm Cappucinno Corner in Claremore


Classes coming in March:

…more knitting 101

…more knitting 102 (advanced beginning/knitting in the round, decrease & increase)

…more knitting 102 (advanced beginning/reading, understanding, & following knitting

patterns and abbreviations, picking a project.)

…knitting clinic (bring your project and get help)

As always if you have questions you can contact me through the blog, my email at heartknits(at)mail2rebecca(dot)com or call me at (918)283-1673. I’m happy to help you.


You must register & pay in advance at least 24 hours before any scheduled class.
Michael’s Arts & Crafts Stores
……41st & Yale (918)628-0546
……71st & Garnett (918)249-1496


It’s about time….

29 01 2007

for some pictures right?….

Well, I’m not kidding you I AM TRYING. Unfortunately my efforts have not been good enough. I’m giving it one more try then I’m shopping for a new camera.

Still, I have a hard time with this blogging thing. I’m much more of a people person and even though I really enjoy reading others’ blogs, I find it extremely difficult to come up with anything myself that wouldn’t induce a long winters’ nap. However I choose to persist and try yet again to intrigue my readers long enough to learn their names.

I am taking a step of faith and am beginning to follow up on an idea my Father gave me. I am designing and writing up some patterns for a book. What will happen when I have it done? I don’t know yet but I choose to believe that everything I put my hand to prospers and succeeds so you’ll be wanting a copy!

Classes have been going very well and I will be posting the Feb. schedule later today with the March to follow in about a week. I have made the decision not to offer any crochet classes past Feb. and instead focus on making more knitting classes available to those who have already learned the basics and are ready for the next level. Things I will be covering are: knitting in the round using both circular needles and double pointed needles, increases decreases and their uses, as well as several project classes where we will be learning how to read, understand and follow knitting patterns.

I want to say thank you to those who have attended my classes thus far. I hope you are enjoying the learning process and I look forward to seeing you again in another class. As always you are welcome to email me or post a comment here on the blog if you need help or have a question about the classes.


If the hat fits, then wear it!

5 01 2007

The blue cabled hat I’ve been knitting for hubby is done but he’s at work so I’m kinda nervous about the fit since it does fit my 5 year old son! (of course he does have a large head for a kid). I’m referring to it from this point as the Twisted Cable Skully since I altered the pattern to suit hubby’s requests. Almost all the knit stitches are twisted, I knit less ribbing & fewer pattern repeats, and I tweeked the decreases to get the effect I wanted on top and make it less pointy. The original pattern is here.

The yarn I used was Lion Wool in a pretty blue shade called Cadet Blue. It was my first time using this wool and I was really pleased with how it knit up nice and crisp but softer than in the ball. We’ll have to wait and see how it wears. I would definately use it again based on this hat. Oh and the hat as I knit it only took about half the ball. I used u.s. size 8 Balene (12in.) circs and Clover bamboo dpns. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying it fits hubby, otherwise my son has a new hat!

I did take pics, but with my 35mm since my digital needs batteries. When it gets developed, I’ll post them right away.

Now to finish the second Fetching for my Mom and weave in some ends on a baby blanket so I can add them to the FO list.  I’m determined to finish more this year than I did last year.

2007 FO’s

5 01 2007

I will add to this post with each FO until I figure out how to put it on the sidebar.


Twisted Cable Skully in Lion Wool

Fetching wristwarmers in Patons SWS

Rainbow Star crocheted baby blanket in Simply Soft Brites

Homespun Garter Stitch Scarf

Hat from my handspun

Bell-Sleeve Shrug

Bulky Beanie……my pattern


Fruit Punch Socks….my handpainted merino in a cross-over cabled toe-up pattern

HeartKnits! January Class Schedule

3 01 2007

You must register & pay in advance at least 24 hours before any scheduled class.
Michael’s Arts & Crafts Stores
……41st & Yale (918)628-0546
……71st & Garnett (918)249-1496

1/5/07…..Knitting 101…..6-8pm…..Michael’s on 41st & Yale
1/6/07…..Knitting Demonstration & Class Sign-up…..3-5pm…..Michael’s on 71st & Garnett
1/12/07…..Crochet 101…..6-8pm…..Michael’s on 41st & Yale
1/13/07…..Knitting Demonstration & Class Sign-up…..11-1pm…..Michael’s on 41st & Yale
1/13/07…..Knitting 101……2-4pm…..Michael’s on 71st & Garnett
1/15/07…..K N I T N I T E……7-9:30pm…..Cappucinno Corner in Claremore
1/18/07…..Crochet 101…..6-8pm…..Michael’s on 71st & Garnett
1/19/07…..Knitting 101…..6-8pm…..Michael’s on 41st & Yale
1/25/07…..Crochet 101….6-8pm…..Michael’s on 71st & Garnett
1/27/07…..Knitting 101…..2-4pm…..Michael’s on 71st & Garnett
1/29/07…..K N I T N I T E……7-9:30pm…..Cappucinno Corner in Claremore

Peroxide Times Three

3 01 2007

I straggled in at 5am this morning coming home from mom’s.  My dear little sister is moving today to Stillwater for school and wanted to do something different with her hair before she left.  So I being the wonderful big sister I am said “Sure, I’ll come help you.”  Eleven hours later, after light golden brown, hi-lift warm golden brown, and light amber brown, we finally gave up.  Her hair breaks all the rules of dyeing.  She had very dark brown hair to start with and wanted to go lighter for a change.  After 3 processes she ended up with a very pretty dark auburn…..only problem?  The roots are a couple of shades lighter.  Oops.

The other result is that I’m coasting today.  Forget anything that was on the to-do list!  Thanks sis for my day off! LOL  Oh well.  What I’d love to be doing is helping her move.

As I started to cast on for my bil’s cabled hat I realized I had no idea how many stitches to cast on for his humongo 24″ noggin, so I decided to knit another hat first following the pattern directions for the CO and see how it fit hubby then I would know how much larger BJ’s hat needed to be.  So hubby’s hat was begun with a twist, I decided to see how it would look to twist all my knit stitches except the cables on the cable row.  I really like how it looks!!  I’m using Lion Wool in the solid blue which such a pretty shade.  It’s actually knitting up softer than I expected which is nice.

I’d like to make a request of the wonderful people who comment on my blog, I’m so clueless when it comes to blog design that I really need some help.  I don’t know how to add things such as blogrings and swap buttons and flickr to my site to make it more interesting.  Anyone willing to help me get my blog all spiffed up will gain not only my neverending gratitude and thanks but also a skein of my handpainted merino laceweight I call Spring Dreams.

Oh I almost forgot!!  Yesterday at WW I was down 1.2 lbs!!!!  🙂

On the Knitting Front

2 01 2007

We had a great Christmas and I scored some great knitterly gifts too!  A hank of Schaefer’s Anne in a pretty vineyard colorway I’m calling Napa Valley, the KnitPicks Options needle set, Spin to Knit by Shannon Oakey, and 2 hanks of KnitPicks alpaca/silk Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor.  In a few weeks I’m also going to be ordering enough Telemark to knit the Enid Cardigan in the winter IK.

So my upcoming projects are Enid (which is my first sweater!), the Print O’the Wave stole in the Shimmer, and my Embossed Leaves Socks in Hello Yarn’s Fat Sock.  I’m also part of the Handspun Yarn Swap associated with the Spin to Knit book so I’m going to be working on some raw fleece I’ve got stashed away as well.

The needles and Shimmer are actually still in transit to me so I’m patiently waiting and finishing up some gifts that didn’t quite make the deadline.  A cabled hat for my bil and a pair of Fetching for my mom.  Then onto stuff for me!!   As soon as my goodies get here I’ll start adding some pics.