Knitting Resolutions for 2007

8 12 2006

I’ve been thinking about what I want to tackle knitting-wise next year and then I saw this posted over at smariek knits.

Great minds think alike I tell ya. (By the way, is this girl not talented?!)  I love her hats and am planning on making her Asherton scarf for hubby after Christmas.  Anyways….

Knitting Goals for 2007!

1) Be a finisher.  The percentage of projects I actually finish compared to those I start is miniscule.  Time to finish what I start!

2) Only use the best yarn I can afford.  No more cheapie stuff that I hate working with the whole time it’s on my needles!

3) Advance my skills by learning and practicing at least 2 new techniques.  I’ve been getting really anxious to try some fair aisle and definately more lace and socks.

4) Actually make things that are for me and not just to give away.  I have the most annoying habit of giving everything I make away!!

These are just my personal goals, more exist that have to do with my teaching and nursing home outreach/ministry.




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