My Teaching Schedule

7 11 2006

Okay here’s the final version of my schedule for November.

11/10…Crochet 101 (6-8pm)

11/11…Class Preview and Sign-up (1-4pm)

11/12…Warm Up America Event (1-5)

11/16…Crochet 101 (6-8pm)

11/18…Knit-A-Gift Holiday Workshop (5-8pm)  Beginners Scarves

11/20…Knit Nite (7-9:30pm) at Cappucinno Corner.
11/21…Volunteer Class at Claremore Nursing Home (6:15-7:15pm)
11/24…Crochet 101 (6-8pm)

11/25…Knit-A-Gift Holiday Workshop (5-8pm)  Booga Bags

11/30…Knitting 101 (6-8pm) 

Events in bold are located at the 41st & Yale Michael’s location,  those in italics are located at the 71st & Garnett Michael’s location.  For directions to KnitNite, leave me an comment.

For anyone who’s interested in teaching classes to nursing home residents on a strictly volunteer basis, leave me a comment.


Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun…

3 11 2006

Well, it never rains but it pours!  I got a call yesterday from my boss at Michael’s wanting to know if I’d be willing to teach at both of the stores in our area.  Of course I said YES!!!  And what’s really awesome is I have carte’ blanche at the 2nd location to teach whatever and whenever I want!  Almost every other word out of my mouth today has been thanking God for opening doors for me and blessing me with opportunities to pursue my dreams.

I visited a new coffee shop a few minutes from my home last night and talked to the manager.  It will be the perfect spot to host Knit Nite!  It’s really beautiful and cozy, leather couches and a fireplace!  My next step is to put an add in our local papers advertising Knit Nite.  I’m also planning on printing up some flyers and posting them on as many community bulletin boards as possible.  In the future I’d love to have it on friday nights as that is the shop’s slowest night but for now it will have to be on the 2nd & 4th tuesday nights of the month from 7-9:30pm at Cappucinno Corner.  So if you are in the Tulsa Metro area or even further out and are interested in being part of Knit Nite, leave me your email addy in my comments and I’ll get it touch!

New Job!

2 11 2006

Sorry about the lack of posts full of yummy sock goodness. I had a very full month and blogging was pushed to the back burner for awhile. I did celebrate Socktoberfest by purchasing my first supernice sock yarn for myself. I chose the most scrumptious handpainted Fat Sock, a sport weight superwash merino from Hello Yarn in the Sea Salt colorway. It is the squishiest, softest superwash I’ve laid hands on, and the colors are sooooooo rich and saturated. It makes me feel good just lookin’ at it! I have never purchased yarn this pricey for myself before, only for gifts. So it was definately a splurge. I tried to find a toe-up pattern that would work with the gauge I was getting, but to no avail. So…. I turned to a very popular pattern I’ve been wanting to knit for awhile now, The Embossed Leaves Socks. The first sock is past the heel turn now so I’m hoping to finish the pair before the end of the month, along with the other two socks I had planned to finish during Socktoberfest. I do want to say, I was extremely impressed with the customer service I received and the tasteful packing job Adrian did on my yarn. More splurging with Hello Yarn is definately in my future. Right now I’m drooling over the Petal and the Electra Fat Sock.

Other recent FO’s include a pint-size Martha Stewart crocheted poncho for my youngest. Her birthday is next tuesday and I’m hoping she’ll love her new duds. Also finished a pair of mittens for my oldest and added a soft funnelneck collar to her poncho from last year.

I’m really trying to finish up alot of odds & ends projects before the new year so I can start fresh. Over the last several years I’ve grown as a fiberholic. I’ve learned to knit, started spinning, bought a wheel, and have become what some might call a fiber/yarn snob. I can still deal with some acrylics but would prefer not to have to! I’ve decided one of my goals for 2007 is to change my buying habits. My time spent working with fiber is too valuble to me to be handling anything but the best fibers I can afford. In order to do this within my budget without going broke I will be working with only 2 projects at a time. This will also help me develop the habit of finishing what I start! I’m also starting a little savings account for my fiber purchases. So NO MORE WAL-MART YARN!

Now on to the title of today’s post: I have a job! I am now a Crochet/Knit Instructor at Michael’s! I’m starting with 2 crochet classes and will increase up to a combination of 12 knit/crochet classes a month. I’m super thrilled to be making money doing something I love so passionately, playing with yarn! I got some pretty neat business cards in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to start spreading them out right and left everywhere I go. I am responsible for promoting my own classes and finding my own students so I have to get out there and market my expertise. So, if you are in the Tulsa Metro area and would like to learn the basics of Crochet, drop me a note and I’ll email you back with the details on my upcoming classes!