Socktoberfest goals and my sock-knitting history

4 10 2006

I did manage to create a Flickr account, now to get some photos actually uploaded.

My goals for Socktoberfest are:

1) finish hubby’s Jaywalkers ……one is done and on the other I’m working on the decreases after the gusset.

2) knit the mate to my best sock ever……in KP Simple Stripes to fit my almost 4 yr old daughter.

3) knit my first pair of socks for me toe-up!

For my socks I have some KP sockyarn I kool-aid dyed in a fruit punch colorway. Now to choose the right pattern. Hubby’s Jaywalker sock is waiting on new dpn’s to be purchased as one of them broke! (I prefer bamboo.) Now on to Miss Lolly’s sock questionaire!

1. “When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? Or in a class?”


Well I started my first pair as my “Knitting Olympics” project this year. The Jaywalker pattern was chosen for hubby and I’m still trying to finish them!! I taught myself with the help of online tutorials.



2. “What was your first pair? How have they held up over time?”


See question #1 answer.


3. “What would you have done differently?

Um…gone up from size 1’s to 1.5’s in dpns.



4. “What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?”


Well I think this question is referring to sock yarns specifically so I’d have to say so far I’ve been happy with the KP Memories sockyarn. I’m anxious to get ahold of some Koigu and some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock.



5. “Do you like to crochet your socks? Or knit them on DPN’s? or 2 circulars or Magic Loop method?”


I do have one pair of crocheted socks, more of a slipper sock but I guess they count. I wouldn’t make any more that way though. They are really rough on the feet. I usually wear them over another pair of thin socks. I prefer to knit them on 5 DPN’s but I guess to be fair I should probably try the other methods as least once! hehehe….



6. “What kind of heel do you prefer? Heel-flap or Short Row?”


I haven’t tried the short row but I am loving the fit and the structure of the heel-flap.



7. “How many pairs have you made?”


Well…………………… by the end of Socktoberfest, I will have finished 3 pair if everything goes as planned. With yarn for 4 more pairs waiting in the wings.



Well I’m off to join the My First Toe-Ups knitalong! Happy Knitting!




One response

5 10 2006
Christine Drews

Hello Rebecca — Thanks for your forwarding address. I have kept “haunting” your site and not updating my own, so I am glad you are back online with the socks on the needles.

I have knit a few socks in my knitting career, and I think I like the toe-up method the best. The one troubling thing is that I do not know how to do a traditional heel-flap on a toe-up sock and can only get a short-row heel on the sock. However, they finish up quickly, (especially on one loooong circular needle) and you always know if you are going to have enough yarn to finish!! Big plus in my experience.

The Lord bless and keep the ever-shrinking you! Congratulations!


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