30 09 2006

my digital camera has been ressurected!  It works thanks to fresh batteries and we shall have pictures tomorrow to start SOCTOBERFEST with a bang!!  🙂


Socked between the eyes….

30 09 2006

Wow, I feel a little overwhelmed right now. I got the chance to attend a couple of mini-seminars at one of the local churches last night. I didn’t really expect to get much out of them, I was really just there to support a friend but I was pleasantly surprised. God really spoke to me thru 2 different speakers concerning my attitude towards my husband and kids and also concerning the words coming out of my mouth on a daily basis. I have been very selfish and critical. It’s time to make some changes now that my eyes have been opened to the true state of my heart. I need to learn to walk in love towards my family, the most precious people in my world. Deep thoughts……………………….. more later.


28 09 2006

Who knew? A whole bunch of knitters out there livin it up while creating beautiful works of art in filmy swathes of merino, silk, alpaca and cashmere, that’s who! I have officially become a lace knitter. Even though I didn’t really get to participate the way I wanted to, The Amazing Lace KAL this past summer convinced me to finally attempt it.

My Flower Basket Shawl is well on it’s way and has become my favorite project. I’m using KP Shadow in the Sunset colorway, doubled and size us 8 circs. To think I waited for 2 years to make this, the whole time drooling over everyones finished shawls! I thought it would be so hard, but it’s not. Oh well, lesson learned right?

Now that I’ve been bitten by the lace bug, I’ve joined the KAL for Icarus might for Swallowtail as well. I have KP Alpaca Cloud in Iris for Swallowtail and should get my Icarus yarn in the mail any day now. I ordered Merino Lace from in a gorgeous mix of greens with a little purple thrown in. I’m also trying to find a good pattern for a lace smoke ring. I found one really good one but it would cost me more in shipping than for the pattern!!! Grrrr…. Not likely! So I’ll keep searching, if anyone knows of a good pattern other than the one at the elegantknitter, please let me know!

On other knitting fronts:

I finished HelloYarn’s Cherry Garcia yesterday. I used LB Landscapes in River Crossing for my hubby. He loves it! It was a quick fun knit, lots of cables, and very unisex in nature. Would make great gifts for Christmas!!

I had started my son’s sweater using the Accordion pattern at knitty but didn’t like how thin it was knitting up. Since I couldn’t change the yarn I just decided to design my own pattern for it. This is my first time designing knitwear so I don’t expect it to be award-winning but it seems to be knitting up very well. I’m planning on knitting it up in several different sizes with some variations for my girls as well. Maybe just maybe I’ll make it available when I’m through. Start thinking about test-knitting in exchange for the pattern free!

I will make one promise. I’m getting new batteries for my camera this weekend to see if I can resurect it. Let’s all pray it’s possible cause a picture-less blog is pretty dry.

A New Beginning!

28 09 2006

I’m very excited to finally be moving over to WordPress! I’ve wanted to for awhile now but just haven’t had the time to do so. My Heart Knits will be the compilation of several of my former blogs so expect the unexpected when it comes to content. I’ll be moving old posts over here a few at a time so please bear with me and it will soon look like home.

Well, um, I……..

18 09 2006

have decided to not make any more blog promises. Cause I don’t do so well keeping them. I think my digital camera is busted and so I’m not likly to post many pics till I have another one. I haven’t been doing much over the summer except losing weight and planning my sis-in-law’s wedding. The wedding was on Labor Day so I am now free to move on to my traditional fall activities! I have managed to lose nearly 30 pounds since I started WW in March so I’m more willing now to knit things for myself. Currently I’m knitting on a woolease shrug, my FBS, an almost finished pair of Jaywalkers, the child-size Accordion from Knitty and I’m finishing crocheting a rainbow star baby blanket. I’ve also made a couple of hats during the summer, I LOVE making hats, they are so quick and satisfying. And hubby says I look good in them so it’s all good baby!! Things I’m planning on knitting this fall include(but are not limited to): the Chicknits Ribby Cardi for me in Chocolate and Eggplant, maybe Ivy from the fall ’06 Knitty, a zippered cardi for hubby, and hoodies for my girls, my clapotis, and lots of customary winter wear such as scarves, hats and mittens. This doesn’t include several pair of socks always on the needles!! I’m starting to get seriously interested in fair aisle projects, particularly mittens. So I’m scanning the net and mags for a good starter pattern. I haven’t had much time for spinning and I’m kinda depressed about how lacking my skills are in that area. Anyway there’s an update for ya. Oh and by the way I joined Socktoberfest this year!! Can’t wait to get some new sock yarns!!!