Back from the dead, I am…

24 05 2006

yep, that’s me.

I am attempting to revive my interest in blogging by joining The Amazing Lace I will spend some time this weekend updating links on the blog and taking some new pics to post. Then hopefully next week I will be able to post an update on my life and where I’ve been for the last 7 weeks. I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs and feel connected again! God bless you all!




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25 05 2006

Hello and Hi,

I’m Kath from Ohio and came across your blog and am very interested in Knitting things with other christians.

I have been knitting for a short time and am self taught.

i am involved with alot of other knitters thru livejournal, yahoo, etc.

plus i post a thread thru Ediets called the Crafter’s corner.

Am looking forward to your blogs in the future.


my quote of the day:

“Deal or No Deal”
Heaven or Hell

your choice!

25 05 2006

Hello Rebecca — I am so glad to see a fresh post. I have been checking on your website regularly and praying in the meantime. I hope you have only been productively busy and distracted by things non-computery.

I look forward to the pictures of your summer creations.

25 05 2006
The Whimsy

It lives!!! Praise the Lord!

Glad to see you’re still kickin’, girl! Hope all is well and looking forward to new info! 🙂

-The Whimsy

19 07 2006

Hi Rebecca,

I’m sorry to see that you haven’t been able to participate in The Amazing Lace much so far, but I certainly understand how busy things can get and how well-laid plans can fall by the wayside! I hope you’re still getting a chance to do a little knitting, anyway.


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