30 03 2006

I didn’t realize it had been that long since I last posted! Sorry about that. I plan on making hubby find the cable for the camera tomorrow so I can post a jazillion pics for ya. I’m not spending as much time on my fiber pursuits as I was. I changed my daily schedule around so I was putting first things first. Nurturing my relationship with Jesus, taking care of myself (read: working out regularly), homeschooling my dd in the mornings instead of the afternoons (better for her) and spending some quality time with all 3 munchkins. After all that and housework and billpaying besides, there ain’t much time left for fiber play. But I do have many finished projects from Feb. and the beginning of March to show off. Currently I’m working on a few shawls, the 2nd Jaywalker sock and trying to get some skirts cut out and sewn up. I have bags and bags of fleece to be washed, carded, dyed and spun waiting for me in the corner of my livingroom!

But life goes on and I’m not too stressed by the lack of fiber time, it seems to go in cycles. On the other hand a woman from my church called me this afternoon to talk about the possibility of starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry out of our church. This strikes a chord with what I’ve been feeling in my spirit lately. I’ve just been waiting on the Lord to lead and guide me. So please pray for me that I would be full of wisdom and drenched in God’s favor!

Hubby is turning in a letter of resignation tomorrow at the machine shop. (BIG sigh of relief inserted here!) He’s been working 3 different jobs and has a 4th during the summer. We are making the decision to cut back his hours for some much needed family time and have a peace that it’s God’s will right now. Between May and July things are gonna be kinda unsettled in that department. The job offer he’s accepted doesn’t go full time till after the 4th of July. But we have the peace of knowing we are right smack in the middle of God’s will for us right now so I’m not worried at all.

I’m very excited about my weight loss progress!! I rejoined Weight Watchers about 5 weeks ago and so far have dropped about 7.5 pounds as of last tuesday. I have a total of 72 pounds to lose so this is a long term process.

I’m generally someone who LOVES exercise and I’ve got myself into a steady routine of weight training and walking/jogging 6 days a week. I’m logging about 12-16 miles a week at the moment and my energy is thru the roof!! I feel soooooo much better and my health is improving since we made some nutritional adjustments to the grocery shopping list. My fitness goal for the last 3 years has been to get into shape in time to run the Tulsa Run. We’ll see what happens but this year I have real honest-to-goodness hope!!

Just so my fiber friends don’t think I have forgotten them, here’s a big hello and howya doin? to Jan, R’gina, Shelly and Christina.




3 responses

31 03 2006
The Whimsy

Hi and how you!! doin?!! It reads like you’re really in a great place right now, and that’s awesome, praise the Lord.

Prayer shawls sounds like a great thing! I tried to get into a Prayer Shawl group, but they had this one cookie cutter pattern with positively abhorrent yarn, and I was tinking and thinking decidedly unchristlike things whilst knitting so I decided that that was a bad idea at that time. Just Sayin.

But it sounds like you’re rocking and rolling! Way to go on your weight loss progress!

The Whimsy/Regina

31 03 2006
The Whimsy

Hey girl! You need a button!! Oh dear! I need a button!!! Trade ya?

12 04 2006
Prayerful Knitter - Shelly

Hey, it is SO GOOD to see you back! : )

I can’t wait to see your pictures soon.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week,


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