Finally a pictoral update!

4 01 2006

Sorry it’s taken me sooooo long to get some pics up, I just find the process of loading them and copying and pasting them a pain in the booty. But without further ado……

This is my very first handspun, spun during the lesson I got from the Ashford dealer. Cool huh?

These are 2-ply coopworth, I spun one ply, my hubby spun the other and plyed them for me, the ball of single ply I spun myself.

Then my amazing hubby went and bought me half a suffolk fleece for my other Christmas present!

here are some before pics, (my oldest is modeling ala Price is Right style) They are very soft although the canadian mill they were processed in didn’t do a great job picking them. They are litered with bits of straw and grass. Oh well, we’ll see what happens right?

I decided to spin some up first as thick and thin singles. The suffolk spun up nice and soft with the occasional ouch from the straw. Then I did some research and decided to try dyeing with food coloring instead of Kool-aid (which I’ve tried before and liked okay). I dyed the singles and some rovings.

Now I’m spinning up the dyed rovings so I can decide which I like better. Here’s the dyed singles, for some reason the camera is just not getting the colors right on this yarn at all. The colors are very soft, not pastel but muted shades and very pretty. I’m calling it Canyon Sunset.

And here are the dyed rovings.

These two I spun up and then plyed myself (my first ply job!). I love this!! And the colors are completely accurate on these.

So what do ya’ll think of my YARN?

Next post will have pics of finished projects and WIP’s. I was gonna do it all at once but this baby is a loooooooonnnnnnnnnng post already! And after the weekend there will be newly dyed and plyed yarn to post pics of!

“Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.”
~Proverbs 16:20

Knit into Him,




8 responses

5 01 2006

Wow,cool,love it and the colours.

5 01 2006
Woven ~N~ Spun

Love the yarn. You are doing an awesome job. Looks like you have totally been bitten by the spinning bug. You should join us in the Master Spinner’s course 🙂

5 01 2006

You’re doing a wonderful job! You are definitely going to need more roving. Also those bits of VM you can pick out as you spin. A little time consuming, but not too bad. Love the colors!

5 01 2006

your yarn rocks!
i’m loving the colors!
so did you or your DH get into spinning first? i’d love to get my dh into it… then maybe i could actually learn. LOL it’s one of my goals to learn to spin.
have a great day

5 01 2006

WooOOoo brilliant colours!

I remember we did spinning for a week, my 6th form year at school for textiles and design technology. It was a LOT of fun, we knitted what we ended up with and it was very obvious that I had gotten better with practice; my second mitten was only two thirds the size of my first (so not wearable, but fun none the less! hehe). We also tried dying and we made felt as well, that was particlarly amusing.

5 01 2006
The Whimsy

Oh wow!! Lovely! The dye jobs turned out magnificently, and your yarn looks so nice and uniform!

So how cool is it to get to knit with yarn you spun? Is like it an amazingly cool feeling?

7 01 2006

I don’t know anything about spinning or dying, but they look great to me! Good job!–>

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