Thank you so much for your prayers.

27 01 2006

My strength is here one day and I’m lagging the next but I’m continuing the antibiotics as I can tell they are helping. Now on to fiber-related events and musings.

I have gone nuts lately. I’ve been picking up yarn and patterns left and right. Like I’m ever gonna get all these projects done, yeah well you know how it goes right? I’m a yarnaholic. So what have I added to my stash? you’re asking?

8 balls of LB Landscapes wool blend at 50% off
2 HUGE balls of JoAnn’s Sensations Rainbow Boucle
2 balls of LB Moonlight Mohair
2 skeins Simply Soft

and I just ordered 3 hanks of KnitPicks Color your own merino fingering weight wool.

I also have a box of wool coming from the C’ville winter wool swap.

I also got the most awesome pressie in the mail the other day from a new fiber friend; gorgeous merino & wool blend rovings to spin! But the piece de’ resistance was the faboulous dyed silk roving she snuck in there too! I’m all kinds of nervous when I think of spinning it. Sooooooo afraid I’ll ruin it! Think I’ll pet and fondle and drool over that for awhile till I get more spinning confidence. Who knows when I’d be able to afford to buy more? For me, silk is right up there with cashmere, the stuff dreams are made of! YUMMY!

I also got about 8 different patternbooks for $1 each at the big Hobby Lobby sale last week.

Now your next question is probably: “what are you gonna knit with it all?” right? Hmm… some of it is planned and some of it isn’t! (just realized I use alot of exclamation points! sorry! 😛

well 6 of the 8 balls of landscapes are in the River Crossing colorway, bought for hubby to be a scarf and hat. If you have pattern suggestions, let ’em rip.

the other 2 balls in Coral Reef might become a hat for me but not anytime soon.

One ball of the Rainbow Boucle in Dark Blue tones is becoming the crocheted Martha poncho for my dear momma’s b-day next month. Hope to have some left over from that project. The other ball is in Berry shades and will be for a Lily Chin crochet pattern I bought awhile back, a shawl-collared jacket worked almost entirely in the round. Should be beautiful in this yarn!

The Moonlight Mohair is the Purple Mountain colorway and will be joining another ball I already had to become Stitch-Diva’s Mini Floral Poncho. Yes,I know it’s crocheted! I’m crocheting alot right now, just in the mood I guess. Anyway I plan to wear this to a family wedding towards the end of next month.

The Simply Soft? Well why not? It appeals to the side of me that can still deal with acrylics on occasion. And it’s cheap for designing with. Speaking of, I designed a crocheted hat last night full of fp cables and shells. It’s beautiful! I plan on writing up the pattern to sell on Crochet Pattern Roundup, the new site by RachelG. I’ll probably wait till I finish the matching scarf pattern as well. Hmm…this stitch would make wonderful snug wristwarmers!! Wooohoooo!! I’ll keep you informed.

anyway, you want to know what I’ve been working on?

1) the new hat design
2) my Romance in the Round shrug…my design
(this is almost done, will wear nxt weekend!)
3) the vintage 1940’s handbag to pair with the shrug.
4) my mom’s Martha poncho…started today.
5) a knitted scarf and felted flower pin for a friend from my own handpainted handspun wool!
(this is done and delivered!!)
6) a knitted short-row round dishcloth
(this is done! I LOVED THIS PATTERN! so much fun to knit!)
7) a new dishcloth pattern called Bubble Wrap Cloth!
8) still need to finish Teddy’s other mitten.
9) spinning and dyeing wool for my winter wool swap partner Jen.

Of course that’s not all my WIP’s, just what’s at the top of the heap ya know. 😉

I reall love knitting dishcloths, especially fun patterns that aren’t just mindless garter-stitch or stockinette.

Other than the projects already listed, the biggest knitting challenge I have looming is what I’ve decided to knit for Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics.
I’ve drooled for what seems like forever over the Flower Basket Shawl from the 2004 Fall Interweave Knits. So I’m taking the plunge my dear readers. The wool has been ordered, I will be dyeing it first, a subtle blend of 2 or 3 shades of one color. Don’t want anything too busy or you might miss the lacey pattern ya know. I’m thinking a muted aqua with a hint of sky blue and sage green, that is if I can pull that off! I am fairly new to dyeing my own stuff. Wish I was good enough to spin my own for this but I’m just not there yet. Someday, someday.

Anyways, if you are still reading at this point, here’s a (((((hug))))) for ya. Love you all and may all your homes be blessed.

“All a man’s ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart.”
~Proverbs 21:2

Knit into Him,


I could use your prayers….

24 01 2006

I’ve had what has seemed to be a cold since last Monday. Once I started taking the dayquil/nyquil combo the symptons disappeared. Yesterday however they just stopped working. And it all seems to have settled in my right ear. I can’t hear anything out of it now and the pain is becoming unbearable. I called my mom last night, she’s an RN to see if she had any appropriate antibiotics on hand. She brought me some, praying they work. She’s such a great mom, after seeing how much pain I was in, she stayed long enough to bathe my kids, change the linens on all their beds and read them a bedtime story. Ahh…. time for me to sit and relax in the QUIET livingroom. I know she doesn’t read my blog, she’s not internet-savy at all but anyway, I LOVE YOU MOM!
So please pray for me that the antibiotics do the job, relieving the pressure and pain in my ear, and take care of any infection that might be there. I don’t have health insurance so a doctor’s visit is totally NOT in the budget right now.

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not abandon the works of your hands.”
~Psalm 138:8

Knit into Him,

Clapotis pics and tiedye fun

19 01 2006

okay! first here is the pic of the girls’ morning after dyeing their shirts. Of course the redhead is mine.

Now for the long-awaiting pics of Clapotis! I still plan on getting a better pic of it perhaps on my sisinlaw but for now these will suffice.
still in progress:

Finished and blocking overnight on Christmas Eve!

Clapotis was a really fun knit and I definately see several more in my future! And I loved the yarn I used, BrooksFarm FourPlay, a wool/silk blend in the Ginger 2 colorway. It felt like heaven running thru my fingers and was so buttery and cool to the touch. Ahhh pure bliss. And for the stats, I ordered 3 hanks and used about 2.5 for Clapotis following the pattern exactly except for purling the dropped stitches and not using stitch markers.

~Recent Handspun & Dyeing Pics~

This week I’ve actually been sick, don’t get sick very often but when I do it’s bad. While I haven’t been getting my spinning done I have been able to work on some crochet projects, designing for myself. I will be posting them soon on my crochet blog. I’ll let you know when I do.

“But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.” ~Psalm 13:5-6

Knit into Him,

I survived!

18 01 2006

Yeah, I’m still here. The party was a blast for the girls and I really enjoyed it too. The tie-dyed t-shirts turned out beautiful. I’ll post pics and a longer post tonite but right now my kiddos are starving! At least that’s what they say. Hi Shelley! where in Oklahoma are you?….. more later I promise!

What kind of yarn am I?

13 01 2006

You are Merino Wool.You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.
Take this quiz!

This doesn’t surprise me a bit.

I would post pics and all but it’s noon already and I’m hosting my oldest’s first slumber party in 6 hours. I have soooooooo much to do! Anybody know how to do tiedye?

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but love power and a sound mind.” ~II Timothy 1:7

Knit into Him,

Finally a pictoral update!

4 01 2006

Sorry it’s taken me sooooo long to get some pics up, I just find the process of loading them and copying and pasting them a pain in the booty. But without further ado……

This is my very first handspun, spun during the lesson I got from the Ashford dealer. Cool huh?

These are 2-ply coopworth, I spun one ply, my hubby spun the other and plyed them for me, the ball of single ply I spun myself.

Then my amazing hubby went and bought me half a suffolk fleece for my other Christmas present!

here are some before pics, (my oldest is modeling ala Price is Right style) They are very soft although the canadian mill they were processed in didn’t do a great job picking them. They are litered with bits of straw and grass. Oh well, we’ll see what happens right?

I decided to spin some up first as thick and thin singles. The suffolk spun up nice and soft with the occasional ouch from the straw. Then I did some research and decided to try dyeing with food coloring instead of Kool-aid (which I’ve tried before and liked okay). I dyed the singles and some rovings.

Now I’m spinning up the dyed rovings so I can decide which I like better. Here’s the dyed singles, for some reason the camera is just not getting the colors right on this yarn at all. The colors are very soft, not pastel but muted shades and very pretty. I’m calling it Canyon Sunset.

And here are the dyed rovings.

These two I spun up and then plyed myself (my first ply job!). I love this!! And the colors are completely accurate on these.

So what do ya’ll think of my YARN?

Next post will have pics of finished projects and WIP’s. I was gonna do it all at once but this baby is a loooooooonnnnnnnnnng post already! And after the weekend there will be newly dyed and plyed yarn to post pics of!

“Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.”
~Proverbs 16:20

Knit into Him,