Beware of sharp pointy sticks!

18 11 2005

I’ve taken the plunge people. Into the world of double points I made my first foray. I came to the knowledge that all three of my munchkins were getting chapped hands from playing outside in the cold weather. So I determined to overcome my unfounded fear of DP’s and cast on immediately to make my oldest the first pair of mittens. I’m using some wool I kool-aid dyed last spring. I was able to finish one except for the thumb last night. Sorry about the bad color on the first pic.

The blue raspberry/cherry is for my oldest of course. The orange/blue raspberry/lime is for my baby boy. The youngest will get the lavender Denimstyle I already started her scarf in.

This is a pretty lazy morning but the day won’t stay that way for sure. Today is payday for hubby so I’ve got to pay bills, grocery shop, clean house, do laundry, and KNIT! I mean come on, duh, of course I’ll make time to knit. I’ve got to get the thumb on that mitten afterall. TR does not see the need for a thumbless mitten, she will not be convinced no matter how mommy pleads and conives. I admit it. I’m afraid of butchering that mitten thumb. I may just make the other mitten first, then do the thumbs together, that wouldn’t break any mitten rules would it? Not that I really care anyway, just trying to be polite and all.

My poor baby is laid up for a few days, he managed to cut his foot yesterday really bad. He brought his footsie down on the jagged edge of a can lid, right between his toes. It cut pretty deep but his daddy didn’t think stitches would work so we bandaged it up and elevated it all day yesterday. My mom who is a nurse checked it last night and said to keep him off it during the weekend and keep an eye on it. So he’s being pampered in my recliner with food, books, and movies. He doesn’t look too upset about the prospect does he?

The girls goofin off as normal. You can’t tell by her grin now that the youngest totally puked spaghetti all over her bed last night, can ya? lol.

….just part and parcel of being a mom. Gotta love them all the time no matter how much they manage to stink up the house!! LOL Ahhhhhh…..I love ’em.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.”
II Timothy 1:7

Knit into Him,




3 responses

20 11 2005

Bummer for the footsie injury. It can be so hard to appease a kid who has to stay off his feet all day. 😦 Especially a boy, I’d imagine.

The MD scarf looks phenom! So so pretty!

I don’t think there are any hard-and-fast rules about methodology when it comes to mitten-knitten – do whatever order suits you. Just make sure you make two- don’t fall into second-sock-syndrome, mitten variant.

In Him,

24 11 2005
Maggie Ann

Hi Rebecca…I just came over from Kate’s blog. Your children are cute..sorry to read about your little boy’s injury. Hope he heals quickly. I love your mittens….so pretty!

29 11 2005

ahhh, the joys of mommy. i had to dig out playdoh the other day from my youngest’s nose – yum yum
i hope your little guy heals quickly.
and i gotta tell ya, i’m totally jealous that you took the dpn plunge. i’m tooo much of a chicken to do it yet. tell the truth, is it awful?

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