I need to go to bed.

11 11 2005

But my bed is absolutely covered in the mountain of laundry that I got done today but didn’t get around to folding. Today was crazy and I could not have gotten to whatever time it is now without you Jesus. I woke up with hungry kids pulling at my jammies and managed to screw up the oatmeal while trying to write checks to pay the bills. Tossed out the oatmeal and sent hubby to the store for hotdogs since it was almost 11am anyway. Yes, I slept till almost 9am. That’s really late for me but hubby and I have been staying up late watching movies lately so I’m dragging during the day due to lack of shut-eye. And whose fault is that? I know, no one to blame but myself. But I do hate going to bed without him, I just don’t sleep well, know what I mean? Anyway back to my day…. I went out to the mailbox to mail the checks, (not knowing today was veteran’s day and there would be no mail!) and found a note from the landlord saying he would be there at 3:45pm with the pest control guy for the quarterly treatment. I blew a fuse.
My house needed a thorough cleaning and now I had even less time and more work!! This exterminator requires ALL CABINETS IN THE KITCHEN AND BATHROOMS TO BE TOTALLY EMPTY!!!
This means all the food, all the dishes, all the drawers, all the linens, it’s a HUGE job that usually takes me hours alone. Fortunately today I had my munchkins and hubby helping me and managed to get it all done with about 35 minutes to spare. Then I relaxed, let the kids play outside and waited….4 hours before I can put stuff back in the cabinets…..went grocery shopping with 3 hungry munchkins, spent too much, didn’t get to buy any yarn, figured out how to buy a birthday gift in front of the birthday girl without her seeing it, came home, put the cold stuff in the fridge, grabbed a wine cooler, brushed the kids’ teeth, read the Bible to them, prayed and kissed them goodnight. Now I’m totally bushed, too tired to even knit on the MD and definately too tired to fold that mountainous heap of clean laundry on my bed. Maybe I should just collapse on top of it and imagine it’s all merino, silk, alpaca and cashmere yarns caressing my skin as I dream……………oh but the dissapointment I will feel when I wake!!

Someday I will have a $50.00 weekly yarn budget….okay now I’m dreaming. Please don’t wake me up, I might turn on ya! LOL


“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”
Proverbs 14:23

Knit into Him,




3 responses

11 11 2005

And someday I will have a $50 weekly budget for…? I’ll think of something.


I know! Flowers! For my Wife!

12 11 2005

Hey sis,

It is me! I love your blog and I am so sorry that I have been MIA! Guess what my mom told me she found at the thrift store in her area???….. a 10 lb bag of mixed yarns for $2.30 and she LEFT IT!!!! She thought that I MIGHT not like the colors!!! I said mom are you crazy!!! I asked if I paid her would she go back and get it for me! Hopefully she will! Crazy woman!!! LOL! Anyways, I hope all is great! I will call you on Hector’s cell tonight! Love ya sis and love the blog!

Love your lil sis

12 11 2005

Hey Shauna, could you call me Sunday night? Then I know I’ll actually be here and can talk to ya. TEN POUNDS!!! She must be crazy to pass that up! Love ya too!

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