Moving this over from the old blog.

7 11 2005

{this was dated Saturday, November 5th}

I’m finally posting something worth looking at! Whoopee!

Okay the first finished project was this bow-knot scarf and 5 petal flower. I still have finish work to do on this but I tend to put that off as long as I can…hehe.
Oh and I made this on #6 needles with wool-ease in natural heather and a wool laceweight yarn I got in a swap with Lynlee. This scarf is my tithe. I decided to either give every 10th item I knit, or the proceeds from it as tithe on my knitting. This was the first thing in months I’ve done so I’m starting with it since the tithe is the FIRST 10%.

The next project was a scarf for my 4 yr old son. He wanted orange to go with his camo coat and hat so orange he got! He actually went with me to Michael’s and picked out the wool-ease T&Q himself. This was my first time to get to use this yarn and it worked up so soft and cushy!! Hubby wants a sweater out of it next….we’ll see. I designed it as I went and was pretty happy about how it turned out. I chose the spiral rib from one of my knitting books as inspiration.

Next is a soft bow-knot scarf with some of my own variations for my youngest who will be 3 on monday. I’m using Bernat Denimstyle and doing a 2×2 rib for the stretch and cushy factor. This will be done this weekend probably.

I also got this purse seamed up so I could use it. It’s made from one of my favorite yarns to use, Lionbrand Landscapes

Last night I cast on for a shrug for Tabi to wear in Christmas pictures. She and Trin will have matching ones except for Tabi’s being trimmed in pink Disco and Trin’s in the purple Disco. The other yarn is just RH. I wanted it to be completely machine washable and dryable since my kids are so dirt-prone!!

I’ve got a few more to post on but I’ll save them for later since my kids are clamoring for a snack and it’s time for Tabi’s riding lesson.

“For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”
Matthew 12:33

Knit into Him,




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